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Local Snack Series : Kipo

Kipo is a very traditional snack, originally from Yogyakarta, my city. Back when I was a kid, my parents brought home kipo quite often so, yeah, I’m very familiar with this simple tasty snack.

This snack looks like a ‘cocoon’ in a glance, with its flat shape and light green color. You can find kipo in almost every traditional market in Yogyakarta, or probably all around Java as well. I think 1 pack (usually consists 4 to 5 pieces) is around IDR 1.5k – 2.5k, so yeah, it’s pretty cheap snack. To help you with the visual, I have this picture with me :


(I should’ve used flash when I took this picture)

Looks like cocoon, yeah? Or flat shell-less snail? Hahahahaha. But trust me, it tastes nowhere near them. You can see there’s a little bit of brown or dark brown color, and it’s due the grilling process before. Kipo is made of dough (from mixture of flour and water, which has chewy-but-not-rubbery texture) that has unique filling. This filling is made of sweet shredded coconut. The sweetness comes from melted brown sugar. This half-finished kipo is then quickly grilled to give that burn marks as well as slightly hardened skin on the outside. So in one bit, you get that dry texture, slightly hard skin, chewy inside, and splatting filling in your mouth. 😀

This snack is really small in portion, so I’m pretty sure that you won’t go full tummy with 3 or 4 of kipo. Unlike resoles like what I’ve been posting before, kipo has the same filling anywhere you could find, the sweet coconut, so if you like sweet snacks, make sure to try one. This snack has been around even since my grandparents were kids (or probably way before that time, this snack has been popular), sadly, not many people, at least around the same age as me know what kipo is. Maybe they’ve tried before, but have no idea of the name.

So, yeah, this post is a great idea to bring back traditional local snacks back to the surface, I think, so we can make ’em popular again in this day and age. I’d like to give as many as I can find a try and then bring them up here, so if you have any ideas or opinions, don’t hesitate to leave comments below in the comment section. If you enjoy reading my story, leave a like, and see you on my next foodie trip.


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