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The Real Deal : Tahu Tek

Now, this time is about one food that I’m putting my crosshair on during my trip to Surabaya, or generally East Java. Back in Yogyakarta, there are some places (or food cart) selling tahu tek, but I believe the taste isn’t as good as where it comes from. In Yogyakarta, the taste is sweeter since they used less petis (read my previous post to know what petis is).

So, tahu tek is originally from East Java since it uses petis as the main ingredients which is very common in East Java. Let’s see how it looks firsttahu-tek

Tahu Tek
(it was takeaway so it was using paper wrapping)

*Note : I don’t really know why it’s named with ‘tek’ but my logical side think that it’s an onomatopoeia of a frying pan lid being hit by hawkers (which is usually walking around the area) to sell this food, so everyone inside the house are aware that the hawkers are around*

Uh.. Yeah, the visual presentation doesn’t look so appealing but this one hell of a shot of tahu tek (original from the area and what my families who live in Surabaya recommended me. Sorry, I don’t know where they bought this). When I opened the package, it was already like that hahahaha.

Tahu tek consists of some food ingredients like rice cake for the carbs, sliced cucumber, and tofu-egg mixture. For this dish, the main proteins were cooked in a special way. They’re basically just egg and tofu fried as one entire mixture. The egg was beaten together with the tofu and also fried to be one giant omelette which will be cut into pieces with scissors. The texture is kinda messy, though with a little bit crunch from the soaked beansprouts, and mainly porridge-like softness due to the sauce, rice cakes, and tofu.

The thing I love most is the sauce, that deep-dark-brown-horrifying-looking sauce.. Which was so da*n awesome. It’s not mainly soy-sauce sweet like what I often tasted in Yogyakarta. In Surabaya, you’ll get sauce with probably 80% with aroma and flavor of petis and less soy sauce. Sadly nothing like this aren’t sold in Yogyakarta, but I know that getting real petis would be quite hard for people in Yogyakarta since they should buy it online or send it by package/mail.

I went almost half an island just to hunt this cuisine down, to taste the real deal of a tahu tek and it’s satisfying. Back when I visited Malang (in East Java as well), I also tried this food and tasted similar only with IDR 8k per portion, the same with what they sell in Yogyakarta but the one in Malang has twice the volume.

OK this has been a short post, not gonna add anymore since I think I have spit out everything I experienced about this dish, so give like if you enjoy reading my stories, leave comments if you have any ideas or opinions, and have a great day|



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