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My First Hotplate Rice : Plate-O

Haha, finally after some moments of saving money, I managed to treat myself with one pretty intermediate (in price) dish. So, my friends told me about this hotplate dish in Jl. Prof. Yohanes Jogja, I don’t know the exact address number since it’s quite hidden. Near the Galeria 4-junction (exactly eastern side across that shopping mall) there is a giant parking lot, and there is where this place is located. A little bit hidden and if you don’t have any information beforehand, you’re gonna take some time to find it.

Plate-O. It’s the name. I still wonder why it’s named that way. Maybe because the hotplate is in circular shape (I’m gonna give the picture later), but maybe not. This shop new in town, still in its 1st year in operation (during the time I ate there, I asked their waiter). Actually there’s another branch or stall in the northern part of Yogyakarta, but I don’t know the exact address.

This shop doesn’t serve a bunch of menu for the food and averagely priced in IDR 25k-40k based on your topping choices. They have 2 main choices of protein, noodle and rice, and 2 main choices of protein (meat), beef and fish. Back then, my friend ordered the fish one and it’s based on spicy red sauce, meanwhile I got this one


Beef Rice Hotplate (+ Extra Cheese!)

Look at that cheese! So far, I still love eating cheese so I ordered extra cheese. This is beef rice hotplate, consists of grilled beef strips, mozzarella cheese, egg, rice with scallion and sweet corn topping, and also sprinkled pepper. Oh boy, I love the entire dish. People say, the way to eat it ‘properly’ is by mixing each food altogether, but I did it in traditional way, piece by piece. The beef is quite tender and a little bit chewy but in nice dark brown color due to grilling. It’s not overly seasoned, just slightly salty and had additional saltiness of the special sauce Plate-O has. The cheese was perfect, tasted amazing and still stringy but the bottom part was slightly overburnt due to the hotplate’s heat.Like I said before, the sauce was pretty salty and garlic-y, but I like the style. Maybe adding more sauce would be even more amazing, chef! (because it dried out pretty fast 😦 ):thumbsup:

Unfortunately, by the time the dish arrived, the rice (bottom part) was overly burnt due to the heat, making it hard and crispy, which is the texture I don’t like for rice. Probably the cooks put the rice first before the protein or the heat was massive so it burnt my rice rapidly to rice crisps or I should’ve mixed everything together quickly so the heat should spread to the entire meal. Aside from the taste, the price is quite intermediate for me but it’s worth the meal. The ratio is good, the meat isn’t lacking in amount, the rice is also at great portion.

It was a great night with amazing dish (a little bit of downside but no problem, though, I still enjoy the entire food). I would like to taste something similar even more, probably with different base, style, and origin. That would be awesome! 🙂 Leave comments in the comment section if you have any ideas or opinions or recommendation on what I should try next, give like if you enjoy reading this experience, and stay tuned for my next foodie trips.


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