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Balinese Pork Combo : Warung Bu Komang


Balinese style dishes has been spreading across Yogyakarta for some years, which letting us, food hunters to choose from different cooking style and taste. There are 3 famous Balinese restaurant in Yogyakarta, which I think is pretty authentic in style, but today I’m gonna talk about one of them. It’s called Warung Bu Komang. This restaurant is originally located in Timoho, Yogyakarta, but now it has spread its wings to open new shop near Pasar Pathuk, also close to one of Yogyakarta’s point of interests, Malioboro.

I’ve tried the original restaurant one but at that time I haven’t even devoted to blogging yet, so there’s no record about it. Now that I’m making a move to taste a lot of food, I tried the new branch which is fortunately not far from where I live.

Looks like the new branch of Warung Bu Komang doesn’t look so traditional. The original one does, complete with Balinese attributes and style. Their main specialty is pork, but if you desire something else, you can choose chicken. Usually, the most favorite menu in local Balinese restaurant is the mixed-pork one, called Nasi Campur (literal translation : mixed rice). Commonly, you’ll get pork for this menu, unless you ask for chicken.

So, this is what I got that day, nasi campur, but separated between the side dish and the rice. I also got a small bowl of soup which is very common for nasi campur. First let’s talk about the soup. It had no meat at all inside, just the soup, crispy shallots, scallions, and various of spices hence the color of the soup wasn’t so clear. Surprisingly, the taste was pretty bland. I was hoping to get strong taste of spices as I usually got when having nasi campur, but not that time.

Next the side dishes, which was pork. Of course I ordered pork whenever I came to Balinese restaurant :D. You’ll get a plate of various pork dishes. First thing first, what can be quickly remarked was the pork satay. It’s grilled pork on a skewer. The pork size was quite big per pieces and diced as well. It’s not overly sweet and not overcooked. It had no charred marked so I think, it’s grilled for medium amount of time. Next  is the deep fried pig skin. This was awesomely cooked. Crispy, crunchy, and salty outside, slightly hard to bite, but heavenly chewy on the inside.

Next one was the pig liver slices. Well, that was new. I’ve never had any pig liver slices whenever I ordered nasi campur. The pig liver is slightly sweet, probably marinated beforehand and slightly hard to bite as well, but more to the soft side. It’s stir fried with some kind of spices, I don’t really know what (probably mixed of bunch of spices), but it tasted salty with subtle taste of sweetness. Next item is the soy-sauced pork. It’s sweet obviously, but still had savory taste to it. The spices only covers the outside. However, the soy sauce spices amazed me with that not-so-sweet result.

Beside the pork, you’ll get 2 types of minced veggies, and 1 scoop of sambal, a very hot one. Bunch of cassava leaves, boiled and slightly mixed with salty spices were ready alongside your pork. Another veggies was minced long beans. However, since I know the sambal would be very hot, I gave it to my friends :D. By experience, I’ve learned that every Balinese restaurant has superbly hot special sambal, usually called sambal matah.

The price was vary for every food on the menu, from IDR 12k to 30k. As I stated before, they also have chicken if you don’t or can’t eat pork. They also have various other dishes like crispy chicken skin, crispy pig skin, fried rice, and others. So far, no Balinese restaurant got me dissapointed :D. Anyway, I think that’s for now, leave me some words at the comment section if you have ideas or opinions, leave like if you enjoy reading my stories, follow my Instagram account @bitethefood for foodie reports, and stay tuned for my next stories.


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Across-Island Dishes : Lokon


Several years ago, my friend took me to a home-made-food restaurant serves some dishes originally from outside of the island where I live. Manado, to be exact. It’s in North Sulawesi, which is the island north of Java. The restaurant is in Jogja but serves dishes from Manado. The owners came from Manado, I think, since this pair of husband-and-wife have a very fluent Sulawesi accent.

The name is Lokon, like the name of a volcano in North Sulawesi, probably named that way to bring the ethnic feel of North Sulawesi itself. The banner of this restaurant is quite worn out so I didn’t recognize it well at first. My friend also asked me to go to ‘oma ne’ (it’s Javanese, translated to Bahasa Indonesia as ‘oma-nya’, or to English to ‘the oma’ since, probably, it’s a calling for aunt / auntie in Manado). So, that’s it, up until now, I never say Lokon as its original restaurant name, but Oma-ne instead.

Here, the menu is not too many. They only serve about 5 or 6 kinds. Two of them is the babi kecap (soy-sauced pork), and kinawok. Those are two dishes that my (other) friend and I ordered last time we went there. The place is quite simple as well, not too fancy but not too shabby as well. The beverage is also standard, like mineral water, ice tea, and orange.

This is what I had last time, soy-sauced pork


Soy-sauced Pork

(I know, the English name sounds awkward, but I’ll stick to it)

Some soy-sauced pork dishes I’ve ever eaten use watery soy-sauced soup, but here, it’s more like a sauce than soup. It’s quite oily (but delicious), thick, with dark brown in color, indicating there’s quite a portion of soy-sauced dipped in there. Even so, the taste is not overly sweet and not spicy at all. Somehow it’s very well-balanced with a dimmed garlic-y flavor. The pork itself is tender, not very soft but not that chewy. Just right.

Usually, or probably, mostly the dishes from Manado are spicy, or even blazing spicy for average hot-food eater. My friend from Manado said that he sometimes even can’t handle the hotness of the dish due to overdose chillies portion. Kinawok is one of them. This one is what my friend ordered and I’m allowed to try a piece of kinawok pork.



Now, this food is a total contradiction to what I’ve had. Color is bright orangish yellow, soup isn’t really thick (more like oil and mashed spices, mixed). The taste is quite salty, not overly salty, though. The spices really take their part well in giving amazing taste. However, for me, it’s too hot (again, I have almost 0 tolerance to spiciness).  The pork’s tenderness level is the same like what I had. If I can handle spiciness well, I would love this dish more than I do now.

Actually, I’ve tried some more dishes here but I don’t have any pictures of them so I think, I will talk about it as the 2nd part of Lokon. I ordered soy-sauced pork because the dish I usually order is sold out so I had to choose an alternative choice.

Stay tuned for my next foodie trips, give comments if you have any ideas for me or my blog posts, give like if you like it and see you soon.


I also do some artworks (in self-practice as well, actually), if you’d like to visit, you are very welcomed to my Artstation and Patreon profile.



and also selling some original merchandise at Redbubble
*Sorry, get to promote everything, but, yeah, my effort on living my dream may be starting from the very bottom*

Thank you. :D*