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Cyborg Parkour : Vector 2

Since I got my new phone around September 2016, I started to explore some new games that my old phone can’t handle. I stumbled across this parkour game called Vector. This game was developed by NEKKI. I only played Vector 2, the 2nd installment of the series. It’s a free-to-download game with some in-game purchase, including ads removal 😀

This game takes place in a futuristic world with a main theme of parkour or free running. You’ll gain control of a silhouette of cyborg man that is addressed as ‘test subject’. You’re gonna run free from that laboratory / factory that has strapped you in as a experiment subject. To do so, you have to run like there’s no tomorrow. Sets of obstacle will slow you down, or even worse, kill you on spot.


The great point is, you’re not just evading lasers, land mines, booby traps like ordinary person. You’re gonna do it gracefully and with style as doing moonsault, backflip, frontflip, vault, is like your daily activity. To do the jump, simply swipe upward anywhere in the screen. If your timing is perfect, you can do some insane tricks and perfectly evade the obstacles. Meanwhile, if your timing isn’t great, you’ll most likely hit obstacles, fail to vault gracefully since you’re going to stumble anything along your way. In fact, this game is mostly about timing. A blue/yellow trick card is used to do a trick which is corresponding to the shown card, so some cards will do different styles.

As you progress throughout this Vector 2 game, you will find yourself getting more equipment and armor including helmet, gloves, shoes, and body armor. Each armor has different energy and will be reduced when you collide with specific obstacles. For example, shoes’ energy will be reduced after you step on land mines, body armor’s will be reduced after you hit red lasers, and etc etc. So make sure to calculate every armor’s energy and if you have to hit something (in case there’s no safe way to travel unharmed) make sure to hit obstacle that will reduce one of your armor with the highest energy left.

At some points in your journey to freedom, you’ll find yourself in an intersection, with each ways have its obstacles/trick cards/locked doors which can only be opened with special key cards you obtain beforehand during your free run. A drawback in this game is you don’t always find key cards to open locked doors which lead you to forced deaths since some intersections have obstacles you can’t evade. But if your character dies there and start fresh, you can apply some additional skill upgrades for your armors (including increasing chance of finding key cards!), like this..


It’s not an endless running game even in a glance it looks like so. It has a final destination even at the time I was playing this game (about floor 25th or 26th) is still under development and I haven’t tried again since. Being a parkour game, you will be pleased with outstanding and magnificent real free running tricks while evading obstacles. I gotta give 2 thumbs up for that mesmerizing view, watching the gloriousness of free running in smooth side-scrolling graphic.

I just love this game that after I knew the next stage is still under development, my reaction was ‘WHAT!? NO WAY!”. It’s a cool game with great engine and gameplay and make sure to stay focus with the timing to beat Vector 2 to the very end. Anyway, leave comments if you have any opinions or ideas on what game should I play or review next, give like if you enjoy reading my experience and stories, and see you on the next story.


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