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~Some people believe we only live once, so have fun while doing it.~

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Goodbye, irulemylife..

It’s been a while.. I’ve already thinking about this for a little while now, and finally everything reach the final decision.

So, what really happened..?

Since few months ago, I was already planning to leave this blog, leave irulemylife. But, I was doing that to even leap further, because…



Yeah, surely I’m leaving to a new ‘home’. I’ve got a new domain to do my stuffs here. I’ve already migrated everything there, every comments, likes, status, statistics, everything. Once again, I’ve talked about this before, but thanks to everyone out there which has been visiting my blog since the very first post, I can stand still here and keep writing.

So, talking about new domain, you can visit my new website, of course. I’ll be happy if  you can pay me a visit, having chit chat and all. For that, you can go to

Then, why didn’t I choose something similar to irulemylife back again? First reason is, that same name has already been taken, so yeah, no chance. I could give a name with additional dashes or dots, but I think that would be harder to remember, harder to recognize and everything. So I choose a simpler name. That name has 3 words in it but I think it would be easier to remember.

So, why

  • FOOD, yeah because I’ll talk about food on my website, like what I was doing on my blog. So, I think that would be easy to remember due to content matching.
  • FUN, 2nd thing I’ll talk about there will be games like what I was doing here on my blog as well. I didn’t choose ‘game’ to make it easier and faster to remember after you combine the whole name together.
  • FRAME, yet, this has slightly deeper meaning. The other thing I usually talk about is fragments of  life. I associate those fragments as pictures which are great if you put it inside frames. So it’s like you’re looking at bunch of pictures of your life. Frames of life.

Haha, they might not make any sense to you, but I think that is a suitable name for my home.

Well then, everybody, I welcome you on my new site, even though it’s still under maintenance and tons of adjustments, but I’ll make it way better.

Remember 3Fs, foodfunframe(.com).