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Crunch and Munch! : Pie Pai

Having more snack references is always a good thing to do and lately my friend told me that there’s a small pie vendor near Condongcatur Bus Terminal, Yogyakarta. This place is actually pretty hidden if I may say, since it’s a small vendor and I think the business hasn’t been starting for a long time yet. Pie Pai, owner named it, as a slang to ‘pie pie’. It’s located inside Taman Kuliner Condongcatur approximately 100m to the left from the main gate.

This vendor, Pie Pai, is specializing in fried pie. I actually haven’t had the authentic ‘pie’ before and I thought it was more like apple pie, but fried. Such randomness, hahaha. After I watched the menu and saw some sample pictures for what they offered, I learnt that it was actually similar to pastel but with different thickness, shape, and filling style.

Pie Pai is offering 2 kind of fried pies, ones with sweet fillings, and ones with savory fillings. I’m sorry I didn’t get some snaps of the menu but I do remember some of the varieties. Some of the sweet ones are filled with cheese (probably mixed with condensed milk)/apple/Oreo/green tea/and some more others. Basically what youngsters love in sweets. The savory ones consist of beef bbq/beef blackpepper/tuna/hot tuna/mozzarella cheese/and some more.

That time I got a Mozzarella Pie (+ Extra Cheddar), so yeah, I went full cheesy cheese back there. As you all can see, the shape is rectangular and that’s the pastry, fried pastry. It looks similar to a Brazilian snack but theirs are smaller. I’m afraid I don’t know the name, though. Anyway, you’ll get a fork and a sachet of chili sauce as a package. The pastry was so light, airy, and crunchy at the same time. Moving onto the center part, there was my filling. Top right picture is my quarter way of finishing that fried pie. The mozz has started to be seen and another mixture of cheddar cheese (I believe it was grated), bunch of onion, and quite massive amount of ketchup accompanied me. Moving to my halfway munching that pie, the block of mozz was visible already (bottom right and its left photo). The mozz cheese was so chewy and stringy. Perfect, to be short.

By the way, my friend and I found down points for this snack. It would be better if the seller could really pay a little bit more attention on filling composition. What we found on filling, it’s not spreading equally. So, as you can see there on my pictures, the mozz cheese was on the right side, at whole shape, but the ketchup other mixture were on the right side. Another thing is, I think the seller put too much ketchup for one portion. Would’ve been very great if he reduced slight amount of ketchup because when we munch on the mixture, the ketchup was quite strong on our tongue. Overall, this snack bears great potential to grab customers’ heart and make them coming back to eat more portions.

Since Pie Pai is located in a hawker-center-like placeyou can eat your snack there but the seats are quite limited. Bringing it for takeaway would be another choice but the heat might not hold for a long time. My friend said that her pie filling is still blazing hot when she ate it, so I think the pastry wrapper did a great job in preserving the heat. 🙂

Anyway, I’m glad that we found something like this and I’m really hoping to meet some other cool snacks during my foodie trip. So, give comments if you have any recommendations, ideas, or opinions, leave like if you enjoy reading my post, and my ‘new thing’ will be published soon.. 😀



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