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Real Traditional Meal : Ingkung Joglo

Honestly, I know about this food for the first time (same food, different places) recently, about 1 year ago, even though I live in Yogyakarta for almost 20 years. That was the first time I ate Ingkung.

Last weekend, along with my parents, I went to a remote area to look for an Ingkung restaurant in Bantul, southern part of Yogyakarta province. I didn’t know that the area is so remote, that it took almost 45 minutes to reach from where I live (which is in the city outskirt). I didn’t even know the area address there, my father just took the wheel there.

So, long story short, we arrived in a very traditional-looking restaurant. The ambiance felt so traditional with village-y nuance. I thought that the restaurant would be packed and jammed. But, no. When we arrived, there’re no customers. Probably because it’s way before lunch time. By the way, the place is called Ingkung Joglo (P.S. : You’re most likely gonna miss this place when you’re trying to find the place, so make proper planning and get clear directions, I’m sorry I can’t provide much on this since I’m clueless as well about how to get there).

Here is the picture of the lovely restaurant, so simple and traditional yet so calming, reminds me of my time living in the village during college assignment :

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Not so long after we ordered our food, another family came for lunch. Then another family. And then another. Suddenly the restaurant is getting packed with customers having lunch.

The owners didn’t have plenty of menu, just main dish, the ingkung, and several side dish like omelette, sunny side up eggs, tempeh and tofu, and a few more. For the main dish, you can choose what portion the ingkung you want, for 2-3 people, or for about 10 people, all prices may vary due to size. By the way, ingkung is the way it’s cooked, the style, not the main ingredients. It’s basically made of chicken (most likely ‘ayam kampung’ which is a local special breed of chicken that has chewy meat and smaller in size. Ingkung itself has base of coconut milk, resulting in a unique final taste. It has a combination of (a little bit of) saltiness and mostly savory.

Here is the snap picture, I only took 1 though 😦


Ingkung (2-3 people portion)

Basically, the chicken is marinated with the coconut milk and spices then steamed. The chicken itself isn’t raw, just boiled for a while before being marinated, thus resulting in that yellowish-white color. The bowl on the right is some kind of soup, mixed with crispy shallot. It’s not thick, quite oily, and has strong coconut milk flavor. It’s the complementary soup for the chicken, you can either pour it to the chicken or take little by little to your rice. The chili paste isn’t that spicy (even for me), and tasted sweet than spicy. The chili paste is based on tomato, actually.

And for the drink :


Es Tape

Being pronounced ‘tape’ not ‘tāp’, the green thing is fermented sticky rice so it contains very small amount of alcohol. It’s very popular in Indonesia, especially in Java (or some places I’ve visited before). The fermented rice is mixed with water and sugar to make it sweet.

Talking about rice, the owners here give you 2 choices of rice, plain white rice and  coconut-milk-based rice (shortened : coconut rice, to make it easy). The coconut rice is actually white rice but steamed / cooked with mixture of coconut milk, making it to have distinct flavor. This kind of rice is also popular in many areas in Indonesia.

I also snapped a picture during my way to reach the place : Such a lovely and amazing scenery.


If any of you planning to visit Indonesia, specially Yogyakarta, you might not want to miss this place. Away from city’s noisy environment, you can enjoy your meal with heartwarming restaurant nuance.
Stay tuned for my next trip, give comments if you have opinions or ideas, give like if you like it and..


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