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Skill You Must Own in Life (2) : Be Alone

OK, I have the unknown urge to do this intermezzo by talking about a fragment of life thing, but, yeah, here I come..

Another thing that I’ve experienced a lot in life is being alone. Not single and not having love-relationship-alone but more like alone literally. Only be with myself and no people surrounding. I’m sure still living with my dad and mom but somehow in a day, the ratio of me meeting them and not meeting them goes more to the latter. My mom’s working, sometimes from 8 AM to 9 PM and my dad takes her to work and picks her up. Sometimes when my parents at home, I’m not.
I think I can broaden the boundary a little bit larger by including ‘surrounded by strangers/people we don’t know at all’ in this category. I don’t really experience being literally alone that much but the 2nd condition do exists quite often.

That’s a little bit of background story..

In addition of what I’ve stated, you don’t necessarily leave with no one since this condition happens quite naturally. Sometimes your friends/family is busy and you’re left alone. Sometimes you do your ‘me time’ and take a stroll with no proper plans, just going and doing something impulsively. Stuffs like that. Being alone is pretty hard for some people since some people tend to need others to talk with and that’s why this skill is important. At some points in your life, you’ll certainly meet find yourself in this situation and you can’t and may not get stressed out just by being alone.

For me, since I’m kinda used to it (and prefer to be alone at most points, being around 4 to 5 people is still acceptable, though), I usually do my hobby during that time. I do blogging, drawing, sometimes playing music (even though I’m suc* at it), singing with my terrible voice, and so on. Listening to some musics would be a great help. Basically, during that time, you’re only be with yourself so you can only rely to yourself. You should be able to help yourself in any kind of tasks.

Another solution is taking a stroll around the city. With no plans at all, somehow I can spend hours strolling around with my motorbike. You don’t need to spend your time on the road. You can treat yourself some snacks or meals, going to some point of interests in your city, stopping for a while to enjoy some beautiful views, visiting book store or library to enhance your knowledge or simply read fun magazines or books, etc etc. Having a cup of tea or coffee is sufficient to enjoy your solitude, I believe. Possibilities are tons. Somehow by being alone, I can spend a lot of money only for snacks/meals. 😀

Fresh air might help you if you’re hitting hard times in your life. Enjoying nature or going somewhere further than you usually go/visit might help clear and refresh your mind a little (if you’re living in a packed city). Seeing mountain, sea, beach, hills, or any other mother nature products might be the best way to spend your ‘me time’. Just seeing or contemplating, or even better, doing nothing, just pure gazing.

Being alone shouldn’t make you more intense or stressed, just enjoy the time while being alone. At some points you won’t be with anyone or won’t need anyone. At that time, you’ll only need yourself to handle and be handled. Last but not least, thank you for reading this life lesson (or total nonsense but this is what I’m thinking about), give me words if you have opinions, leave like if you enjoy reading my stories and thought, follow my Instagram account for some foodie trips @bitethefood, and stay tuned for my next stories.


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*Sorry, get to promote everything, but, yeah, my effort on living my dream may be starting from the very bottom*

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Skill You Must Own in Life (1) : Anger Management

First thing first, before I talk about content, I’m gonna say that this article won’t be a long, or even medium one. I’ll try to pack my core into a pretty short passage but you can extract a lot of thing inside (aside from the intro). Since I’m not a psychologist, doctor, or master in this topic, I can’t sugarcoat anything. I just talk based on pure experience and what I feel personally.

Let’s start..

Having emotion is for everybody and this time, I’m gonna talk specifically about anger. Yep, anger is like a part of human’s life. Everybody has been angry about something or someone even for the slightest reason. Once again, I’m not an expert in this area, so I’m talking only based on experience. Since anger is a part of everyone and kind of hurting others, we need to do something that divert it to a better position.

I, for example, am an oftenly-get-angry guy but when I’m with others, I won’t take that out. For a gamer like me, having a lagging game or keep losing at the exact same spot (yes, sometimes I’m a terrible gamer) might pull the angry trigger in me. However, the worst thing I usually did was cursing or slamming my table on the spot with no one hearing, so I think I didn’t do damage to others.

However, there are some people who can’t control their anger very well. They usually bring the anger that was caused by some stuffs prior, and blazing them to other people they meet like a friggin’ shotgun. Take an example of like an office worker that had a rough day during working hours. Probably he was being scolded by his boss/supervisors but it’s impossible to fire it back at that time. Thus, the impact went to his colleague or families or friends during hangout, for example. That could be ‘dangerous’ since it could affect his relation with others, especially family. Even worst thing might happen if it’s continuously happen.

Therefore, taking your anger out is important but it has to be with proper way, for example, doing your hobby. Doing what you love may reduce anger quite effectively. Or taking your excessive force into useful thing like martial arts, sports, or punching bag (in gym or game center). I’ve tried this way and I think that is very effective.

I can simply conclude that anger is a very destructive energy hence storing it is a bad move. It’s like saving destructive energy, similar to volcano, that could go KABOOM!! anytime and I’m pretty sure at that time, a lot of damage will be done. It’s better to take it little by little in the right ways as long as it doesn’t hurt/harm/jeopardize others. Emotion control or in this case ‘anger management’, is an important skill to master and own. Let me know what you think at the comment section.

“You may have a big gun, but take it to a shooting range, not the street.”



I also do some artworks (in self-practice as well, actually), if you’d like to visit, you are very welcomed to my Artstation and Patreon profile.



and also selling some original merchandise at Redbubble
*Sorry, get to promote everything, but, yeah, my effort on living my dream may be starting from the very bottom*

Thank you. :D*

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Passion vs Survival : Which One?

Hello, everyone!

Today’s topic is my thought about a great battle between something called Passion and Survival. This might not a big case for many people, but it sure is for my life. Regarding on my previous post (read here), which is about me aiming to be a professional on design / drawing field, I’ve found the core problem to this.

Right now, I am dealing with my (let’s call it) passion since I like love it and I want to make money from this. The bigger problem is, right now I can’t. I can’t make money from this and right now I only practice and draw almost everyday (except when I’m busy with other important things). I think, well, it might not be my time yet to be productive in this area, but sometimes I also think ‘Is this not my way?’. The later one is quite a shock for me if I think about it more. If it isn’t my way, then why the heck am I still doing this?


I know there is a possibility for that option, but I choose to fight more, practice more, draw more and planning to get better and excel in this. I have to think positively and hope that there will be a time that this is really my thing. However, facing that problem, there’s another question, ‘how am I gonna survive, at least for now?’. I can apply for a another kind of job in some companies (outside my passion, become a salaryman, for instance) and even though I’m hired, I might do well there (with jobs, colleagues, bosses, environment, etc). I’m pretty sure I can make decent money from that, though. What concern me most that is not what I really want to do.

Right now, I’m planning on getting a job in a company (it’s OK if it’s not what I really want), at least I can survive right now. Meanwhile, I’ll keep practicing to draw or make design as a side activities. I think it’s the best plan for now since I can’t make decent money by design or drawing, but I surely hope in the future, that dream can come true.

This is a sample of what I usually do but I made this about a year ago :


Simple Design of Traditional Hand-Axe

More in my Artstation and Patreo😀

So, what do you think is the best I should do right now? Comment down below if you have any constructive ideas.


*well, another short post, isn’t it? hahahaha*