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Futuristic Bouncing : Ultraflow

Even a hardcore gamer plays casual games at some points, especially during break or spare time. For me, the best casual game actually is the one that can provide simplicity but resulting in immersive gameplay. Like this one called Ultraflow which was developed by Ultrateam. They created two installments of brilliant games with common game mechanics but executed amazingly to be a sophisticated games. Both installments are very similar only a few features added.

As you can see on some screen captures above, the graphic style is really minimalist. It’s more like simple vector shapes including circles, triangles, squares, and several polygons. It’s featured with monochromatic theme, only 2 colors available per stage (even it’s constantly changing per stage), the background and the object. There’s no time limit nor timer system in this game, so, take your time to plan your moves.

Your only goal is sending that circular object/avatar with numbers inside, to its place (the other circular object which is slightly bigger and have nothing inside it). When you can reach the goal’s outline, your object will be automatically dragged inside, so don’t worry if you don’t hit the object precisely. The way you send it to the goal is by flicking (swiping your phone screen) to a specific trajectory and bounce it so it will eventually get inside the goal. BUT, you cannot freely bounche it off. The number inside the object, and bottom of the screen indicate the amount of bounces you can actually do. If it exceed, then, POOF!, game over. So make sure to calculate the path properly.

As you progress through the games, the obstacles and panels would be so vary. You can face some panels like hyper bouncing objects, specific direction-go objects, destructible objects, and many more. All you need is turn them into your advantages, to reach your goal ultimately. Sometimes, the unexpected happened, especially if you miss-flick the trajectory but somehow it leads directly to the goal. 😀

Being designed so simple, Ultraflow is really mesmerizing. Playing just a few levels won’t be enough. Without realizing, you’ll play this game all along or few hours, at least that’s what happened to me. The sensation of anger when your trajectories aren’t working even you think that’s the best possibilities really give some additional plus point. So far, I still have no complain for this game, though. 😀

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