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Great Battle in My Mind : Talent vs Hard Work

OK, so here’s what I think about when people are talking about ‘talent’ and ‘hard work’. So I think, basically as probably most people know and understand, talent is given when you are born. The very day you’re born, you carry something in your pocket that could be very mesmerizing if you enhance it for all your life. Meanwhile, hard work is, well.., it’s like building something you’d like to do completed with blood, sweat, and tears.

Now my biggest question of it :

How do you know what talent you have?

Nobody will say to you “Hey, you have talent in X” or so, even you’re good at X. Maybe if you don’t really practice X a lot, the skill is getting dull at one point. What I believe is, talent won’t get dull at any point since you’re naturally talented since you’re born. Nobody will be able to tell what your talents are (in my opinion) but the only one who can spot them is yourself, but how?

Let’s say if one people now is good at playing piano. I believe that his current skill is the result of any courses, lessons, and practice he’s taken probably since he was young. But, doesn’t it mean it’s hard work? He worked his might off with years of practice, exercises, and so on so now he pick the ripe fruit of what he ‘sowed’ before. Both talent and hard work could do it and probably have equal results, again IMO.

Another case, let’s say there are people A and B, they love gymnastics. Right now, they have 0 knowledge at all about gymnastics so they start at the same line. In 20 years, they both become impressive gymnasts, mastering about the same techniques, skills, and have really great achievements. So, which one have talent in gymnastics (or both)? Which one is hard worker (or both)? I personally won’t be able to distinguish that easily. Maybe we can track their process and life journey. I’ve discussed this thing with some friends and they said that probably the talented one will achieve it easier than the other. Probably the hard worker need more effort at achieving something compared to the other one. It actually makes sense since the talented one is given specific ‘weapon’ to do his battle in life meanwhile the other has to craft it himself during battle. But with proper efforts from them both, they can actually achieve the same results.

To my own case, I’m learning digital painting now. It’s not just once or twice, some people said to me, “If you don’t have talent in that, you can’t move up”. Well, being rock-headed I am, I just think “You all can say what you want, but I’ll keep doing this and I won’t stop short term”. Even if I have no talent (which is I don’t even know, I can find out it yet), I can still use the hard work option to get what I want in life. I hope my results equals to some talented people’s. Since the day I learnt digital painting for the first time and up to nowadays, I get some improvements. It’s not much because it’s only 1.5 years apart, but I’m certainly improved and I’m planning to keep improving to the state where I can surpass some people I admire.

What I’m trying to say (to conclude my all-over-the-place thought) is, it doesn’t matter if you think you have no talent in something (but I believe everyone has at least 1 talent), as long as you’re willing to dedicate your life into that thing, you won’t be disappointed in the results. Talents are quite mysterious, nobody will be able to state to the others what talent they have. It’s no exact matter like mathematics or physics which has certain right and wrong points. You need to discover them yourself, but it might not be your real talent. So you need to properly examine yourself to get the beautiful truth about it as I will do to mine as well. 🙂

This time is quite different than my foodie reviews, but this matter is certainly bugging my mind a little bit. Stay tuned for my next posts, AGAIN, THIS IS JUST MY HONEST OPINION, if you have different ones, you can state them in comment section so we can probably discuss more, give like if you like it, and as always..



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Passion vs Survival : Which One?

Hello, everyone!

Today’s topic is my thought about a great battle between something called Passion and Survival. This might not a big case for many people, but it sure is for my life. Regarding on my previous post (read here), which is about me aiming to be a professional on design / drawing field, I’ve found the core problem to this.

Right now, I am dealing with my (let’s call it) passion since I like love it and I want to make money from this. The bigger problem is, right now I can’t. I can’t make money from this and right now I only practice and draw almost everyday (except when I’m busy with other important things). I think, well, it might not be my time yet to be productive in this area, but sometimes I also think ‘Is this not my way?’. The later one is quite a shock for me if I think about it more. If it isn’t my way, then why the heck am I still doing this?


I know there is a possibility for that option, but I choose to fight more, practice more, draw more and planning to get better and excel in this. I have to think positively and hope that there will be a time that this is really my thing. However, facing that problem, there’s another question, ‘how am I gonna survive, at least for now?’. I can apply for a another kind of job in some companies (outside my passion, become a salaryman, for instance) and even though I’m hired, I might do well there (with jobs, colleagues, bosses, environment, etc). I’m pretty sure I can make decent money from that, though. What concern me most that is not what I really want to do.

Right now, I’m planning on getting a job in a company (it’s OK if it’s not what I really want), at least I can survive right now. Meanwhile, I’ll keep practicing to draw or make design as a side activities. I think it’s the best plan for now since I can’t make decent money by design or drawing, but I surely hope in the future, that dream can come true.

This is a sample of what I usually do but I made this about a year ago :


Simple Design of Traditional Hand-Axe

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So, what do you think is the best I should do right now? Comment down below if you have any constructive ideas.


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