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Soft and Silky : Serabi

Lately, I’m just moving back and forth between food and gaming, but it’s OK, my blog is about those 2 things, mainly.
Today’s stuff is for food, or snack to be exact which can be found scattered all across Java. This one is a traditional snack called Serabi (some people from different origins may call it surabi but since I was a kid, my parents introduced me with the name of serabi so I’ll stick with it, I guess). There are 2 types of serabi that I know, the one with sweet sauce (I’ve reviewd one snack bar that served me this kind of serabi, read here for more info), and the ‘dry’ one, meaning, no sauce added but topped with various thing. The late one is the type that I wanna talk about this time.

Let’s jump into the picture directly,

The ‘how to make’ is really simple. Serabi dough is poured to a pre-heated concave frying pan and wait for several minutes to cook. The dough itself consists of baking soda, flour, salt, coconut milk, sugar, yeast. I don’t know how exactly the dough measurement, though. The final product is a circular serabi with soft and silky texture at the center and thin brownish soft-chewy texture complete with its burn mark. For takeaway, usually the maker will roll it and wrap it up with banana leaves.

The topping could be really vary but this one is chocolate. Another variation could be plain, cheese, banana, pandan, strawberry, and so on. Serabi could taste really sweet, depends on personal preference, but commonly, it’s more savory with subtle taste of sweetness. The center part is really enjoyable, soft and silky with smooth touch in it.

This snack (could be said) is originally from Solo (the dry serabi one) thus if you visit Solo, Central Java, it’s like a common street food you can find in ton of places. The taste of less-sugary makes it one of my favorite snacks in Indonesia. Anyway, give comments if you have ideas or opinions, leave some likes if you enjoy reading my post, I know reviewing snacks could be resulting in a short story :D. See you on my next experiences.



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