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From Sidewalk to Hawker Center : “Warung Santai” Seafood

My love for seafood will never die, I think. Being on the top of my preferred protein along with pork, I can’t refuse when it comes to great seafood to taste. However, seafood in Yogyakarta (or probably in some cities in Java as well) is quite pricey (to get good quality seafood), therefore, I can’t eat that often. Besides, people say that it’s not really healthy, packed with cholesterol and such, but meh… it’s tasty :D.

Back in 2014, there is this tent-based seafood hawker in Yogyakarta by the name of “Warung Santai” Seafood. The food there weren’t that expensive, still in the budgets of college students and youngsters. It was located right in front of Circle K near McDonalds Jl. Sudirman Yogyakarta. Back in that day, with that relatively low price, the food was great, in a great ratio between the protein and rice. Being that way, the hawker was always packed during dinner time, mostly by teenagers. I ate there once and I had to wait in line for about 10 – 15 minutes to get some seats and wasn’t almost no space between each people.

Now, in 2017, few days ago, I tried to reach that same seafood hawker. People said the location changed but turned out it’s only behind the Circle K since there’s a new hawker center there now. The fact that Warung Santai is now moved to Araya food court/hawker center, must have some impacts to the seafood hawker. And it’s exactly what happened. Upon the time I reached Warung Santai and saw the menu, the price was escalated up to 60%. No doubt, it’s been 3 years apart, anyway. But that fact was quite disappointing. More over, they sold beverage no more, therefore, you either bought some on the other hawkers or bring your own. That’s… quite a drawback.


Boiled Clams


Fried Shrimps


Fried Clams

OK, that’s one thing, another thing was, they kept the same taste compared to what I had in 2014. That’s a good thing. The taste was simple and slightly salty for everything. I ordered boiled clams, and my other 2 friends had fried clams and fried shrimps. My boiled clams tasted good, since it’s not overly process, you still have the freshness of them. The spices was only salt, I think, since I didn’t taste anything else but salt, even to the slightest state. They’re not that juicy, but more into dry state instead.
The fried clams tasted almost the same compared to boiled clams. The fried ones were less salty and gave very subtle texture of crispiness. I thought the clams were stir fried and not deep fried. I didn’t have a single clue what kind of clams they’re using for the dish, but it’s very common to have that one if you visit seafood stall in Indonesia.
The fried shrimps, were crispy and crunchy since it’s (I think) deep fried but with no batter. Slight saltiness could be tasted, probably the shrimps are marinated with salted water or quite some time. However, the shrimps skin weren’t peeled for the dish (and it’s pretty common here), so if you can’t or don’t want to eat that hard skin, make sure to peel them off. Also the head were still attached, so make sure to fit your preferred style. For me, I could and would munch them all off, hahaha.
You’ll be provided with some kind of dipping sauce. The first time I paid the hawker a visit, they gave me peanut-X thing dipping sauce and that was AWESOME! BUT, last time I visited the hawker, they gave me quite strange mixture. They used the peanut sauce, but with tomato and pineapple (my friends and I guessed). That tasted strange, though. More like random :D. But, they have 1 more dipping sauce and that was incredible. Mainly it was from garlic, terasi, and a little bit of palm sugar since it tasted slightly sweet. Too bad I didn’t capture the dipping sauce. 😦
Overall, I’m satisfied with the taste but some drawbacks make me doubt whether I’ll come back frequently or not. Probably every once in a while, I’ll pay a visit, especially for the crab. Gonna taste the craaaaaaab~.

Reviewing seafood dish is quite my thing since I love what I eat, but if I did it often, my wallet will be empty in no time :D. Even it’s still pretty pricey, this Warung Santai is still considered more low-cost compared to some other seafood specialist restaurant. Anyway, give like if you enjoy reading my stories, pour some comments if  you have any ideas, opinions, or recommendations, and stay tuned for my next stories.



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