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New Concept, New Experience : WarFriends

Before I state anything, I’m gonna say that this is one of my favorite mobile games ever.

OK, now get to the game. My friend and I were looking for some coop games that could be played together. I stumbled across this game, called WarFriends. This cool game was developed by Chillingo. Looks like this developer has some similar great games and mostly rated with around 4 stars on Google Play.

The main concept of WarFriends is 1 v 1 PVP battle and you can have different opponent per each match. PVP battle could be a common concept but the interesting concept lays on its gameplay. Basically, you are controlling a soldier to battle your opponent in a death-match skirmish. You and your opponent will be provided with 5 tactical shields as covers (for you to hide from enemies’ bullets). You will hide behind this covers and you can change covers for your own advantages.

Let’s see how WarFriends is really constructed with unique concept..

The graphic style is 3D already, but not that serious realistic 3D style, but looks more to cute side instead, with chibi-like characters. As you can see there, the battleground is a face-to-face area with special covers for each players and several sand-sacks and pile-of-bricks covers for any deployed armies. Yes, both players can deploy additional armies (which could be customized, upgraded, and set for each players’s battle style). These armies consist of machine gunner, grenadier, and many ore. Every tactical shield covers can be destroyed especially with heavy weapons like grenades and so on, but it will be automatically repaired in a short time.

WarFriends provides a unique gameplay that you might not find it before. You can’t rush directly to your opponent’s position, but you can change cover to the shields next to you. You might want to deploy some additional armies to help you gain victory by tapping the armies’ icons on the bottom left corner. They will attack automatically to both your opponent or his armies that have been deployed. Now, how do you attack your enemies? Simply tap and hold your screen to attack. Your default weapon is assault rifle and by holding the screen, you’ll release a barrage of bullets. Throwing grenades by swiping the screen to the target’s position. You can use sniper rifle as well. By holding rifle while the sniper is active, you can zoom in to the point where you hold the screen to gain better view of your opponents. Damage is massive if you can score a headshot.

Now, this is my first time playing such game with cool gaming experience, especially how they (developers) create the battleground. By giving players capability to control their crosshair to the selected opponent, it give totally different experience (at least for me) and Chillingo as the developer gains my 2-thumbs-up. The more interesting thing is, you can do PvP with your friends by inviting via Google Play or Facebook account (if I recall correctly). It’s good to play such an amazing game and if you have some suggestions, ideas, or opinions, don’t hesitate to pour some words at the comment section. Give like if you enjoy reading my stories, and see you on the next experiences.


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