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~Some people believe we only live once, so have fun while doing it.~

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Hello guys, this is the 2nd notice for my blog.

I’m going to tell you once again that my blog‘s posts/entries has been stopped because I’ve moved to a new domain. A more personal domain actually. I’m still using wordpress but am not using subdomain anymore.

So, whenever you stumbled across this blog, you can visit my new website at


Food Biter Cookie

Head there for newer blog posts of foodie and games reviews. Make sure to check in daily for routine updates.

Hereby, with this 2nd notice I ask each and everyone of you to check my new home.
Thank you!




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Goodbye, irulemylife..

It’s been a while.. I’ve already thinking about this for a little while now, and finally everything reach the final decision.

So, what really happened..?

Since few months ago, I was already planning to leave this blog, leave irulemylife. But, I was doing that to even leap further, because…



Yeah, surely I’m leaving to a new ‘home’. I’ve got a new domain to do my stuffs here. I’ve already migrated everything there, every comments, likes, status, statistics, everything. Once again, I’ve talked about this before, but thanks to everyone out there which has been visiting my blog since the very first post, I can stand still here and keep writing.

So, talking about new domain, you can visit my new website, of course. I’ll be happy if  you can pay me a visit, having chit chat and all. For that, you can go to

Then, why didn’t I choose something similar to irulemylife back again? First reason is, that same name has already been taken, so yeah, no chance. I could give a name with additional dashes or dots, but I think that would be harder to remember, harder to recognize and everything. So I choose a simpler name. That name has 3 words in it but I think it would be easier to remember.

So, why

  • FOOD, yeah because I’ll talk about food on my website, like what I was doing on my blog. So, I think that would be easy to remember due to content matching.
  • FUN, 2nd thing I’ll talk about there will be games like what I was doing here on my blog as well. I didn’t choose ‘game’ to make it easier and faster to remember after you combine the whole name together.
  • FRAME, yet, this has slightly deeper meaning. The other thing I usually talk about is fragments of  life. I associate those fragments as pictures which are great if you put it inside frames. So it’s like you’re looking at bunch of pictures of your life. Frames of life.

Haha, they might not make any sense to you, but I think that is a suitable name for my home.

Well then, everybody, I welcome you on my new site, even though it’s still under maintenance and tons of adjustments, but I’ll make it way better.

Remember 3Fs, foodfunframe(.com).



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Skill You Must Own in Life (2) : Be Alone

OK, I have the unknown urge to do this intermezzo by talking about a fragment of life thing, but, yeah, here I come..

Another thing that I’ve experienced a lot in life is being alone. Not single and not having love-relationship-alone but more like alone literally. Only be with myself and no people surrounding. I’m sure still living with my dad and mom but somehow in a day, the ratio of me meeting them and not meeting them goes more to the latter. My mom’s working, sometimes from 8 AM to 9 PM and my dad takes her to work and picks her up. Sometimes when my parents at home, I’m not.
I think I can broaden the boundary a little bit larger by including ‘surrounded by strangers/people we don’t know at all’ in this category. I don’t really experience being literally alone that much but the 2nd condition do exists quite often.

That’s a little bit of background story..

In addition of what I’ve stated, you don’t necessarily leave with no one since this condition happens quite naturally. Sometimes your friends/family is busy and you’re left alone. Sometimes you do your ‘me time’ and take a stroll with no proper plans, just going and doing something impulsively. Stuffs like that. Being alone is pretty hard for some people since some people tend to need others to talk with and that’s why this skill is important. At some points in your life, you’ll certainly meet find yourself in this situation and you can’t and may not get stressed out just by being alone.

For me, since I’m kinda used to it (and prefer to be alone at most points, being around 4 to 5 people is still acceptable, though), I usually do my hobby during that time. I do blogging, drawing, sometimes playing music (even though I’m suc* at it), singing with my terrible voice, and so on. Listening to some musics would be a great help. Basically, during that time, you’re only be with yourself so you can only rely to yourself. You should be able to help yourself in any kind of tasks.

Another solution is taking a stroll around the city. With no plans at all, somehow I can spend hours strolling around with my motorbike. You don’t need to spend your time on the road. You can treat yourself some snacks or meals, going to some point of interests in your city, stopping for a while to enjoy some beautiful views, visiting book store or library to enhance your knowledge or simply read fun magazines or books, etc etc. Having a cup of tea or coffee is sufficient to enjoy your solitude, I believe. Possibilities are tons. Somehow by being alone, I can spend a lot of money only for snacks/meals. 😀

Fresh air might help you if you’re hitting hard times in your life. Enjoying nature or going somewhere further than you usually go/visit might help clear and refresh your mind a little (if you’re living in a packed city). Seeing mountain, sea, beach, hills, or any other mother nature products might be the best way to spend your ‘me time’. Just seeing or contemplating, or even better, doing nothing, just pure gazing.

Being alone shouldn’t make you more intense or stressed, just enjoy the time while being alone. At some points you won’t be with anyone or won’t need anyone. At that time, you’ll only need yourself to handle and be handled. Last but not least, thank you for reading this life lesson (or total nonsense but this is what I’m thinking about), give me words if you have opinions, leave like if you enjoy reading my stories and thought, follow my Instagram account for some foodie trips @bitethefood, and stay tuned for my next stories.


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Skill You Must Own in Life (1) : Anger Management

First thing first, before I talk about content, I’m gonna say that this article won’t be a long, or even medium one. I’ll try to pack my core into a pretty short passage but you can extract a lot of thing inside (aside from the intro). Since I’m not a psychologist, doctor, or master in this topic, I can’t sugarcoat anything. I just talk based on pure experience and what I feel personally.

Let’s start..

Having emotion is for everybody and this time, I’m gonna talk specifically about anger. Yep, anger is like a part of human’s life. Everybody has been angry about something or someone even for the slightest reason. Once again, I’m not an expert in this area, so I’m talking only based on experience. Since anger is a part of everyone and kind of hurting others, we need to do something that divert it to a better position.

I, for example, am an oftenly-get-angry guy but when I’m with others, I won’t take that out. For a gamer like me, having a lagging game or keep losing at the exact same spot (yes, sometimes I’m a terrible gamer) might pull the angry trigger in me. However, the worst thing I usually did was cursing or slamming my table on the spot with no one hearing, so I think I didn’t do damage to others.

However, there are some people who can’t control their anger very well. They usually bring the anger that was caused by some stuffs prior, and blazing them to other people they meet like a friggin’ shotgun. Take an example of like an office worker that had a rough day during working hours. Probably he was being scolded by his boss/supervisors but it’s impossible to fire it back at that time. Thus, the impact went to his colleague or families or friends during hangout, for example. That could be ‘dangerous’ since it could affect his relation with others, especially family. Even worst thing might happen if it’s continuously happen.

Therefore, taking your anger out is important but it has to be with proper way, for example, doing your hobby. Doing what you love may reduce anger quite effectively. Or taking your excessive force into useful thing like martial arts, sports, or punching bag (in gym or game center). I’ve tried this way and I think that is very effective.

I can simply conclude that anger is a very destructive energy hence storing it is a bad move. It’s like saving destructive energy, similar to volcano, that could go KABOOM!! anytime and I’m pretty sure at that time, a lot of damage will be done. It’s better to take it little by little in the right ways as long as it doesn’t hurt/harm/jeopardize others. Emotion control or in this case ‘anger management’, is an important skill to master and own. Let me know what you think at the comment section.

“You may have a big gun, but take it to a shooting range, not the street.”



I also do some artworks (in self-practice as well, actually), if you’d like to visit, you are very welcomed to my Artstation and Patreon profile.



and also selling some original merchandise at Redbubble
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Chinese New Year Euphoria : Lantern Festival

Few weeks ago was Chinese New Year, so congratulations to everyone celebrating it. Gong xi, gong xi.. 😀

In Yogyakarta, the euphoria was also strong in Chinese New Year, especially for the Lantern Festival or usually called Cap Go Meh. This festival or day marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations after 15 days straight since the day. I don’t know how the calendar system works, but I only know that far, so if I’m mistaken, please don’t hesitate to correct me. For Lantern Festival, Yogyakarta’s ‘local Chinatown’ which is located in Ketandan always celebrates it by making the area open for public and have a lot to offer.

That was, honestly, my first time in visiting local Lantern Festival since years before I was kinda lazy due to the stories that the place would be jammed and packed. (It was, indeed). But, this year’s different. I made my decision to visit this local Chinatown to enjoy the ambience.

16710348_10211431489133370_1878581444_oSorry, blurry, can’t really steady my hand to take a photo while walking.
BTW, this is the main stage for the festival

Upon entering, which was indeed pretty packed, I found it so amazing to be there and felt the unique atmosphere I’ve never experienced before. Even though I’ve been there (in Ketandan) before, but I felt like in totally different area due to the food and snack stalls, tons of lanterns, and the main attractions themselves.

img_20170205_191919I’m aiming to get a clear shot of the liongs head, but yeah, that’s pretty hard since the performers are moving pretty fast

The festival actually took place on an alley in Ketandan. My parking area is right at the middle of that alley since I came from the backstreet route. Actually my friends were guiding me through the route :D. So we decided to take left that lead us to the Malioboro which is closed for vehicles during the festival (night only). At that time, the liong (I hope I didn’t mispronounce) were on stage.


You can find bunch of choices of snacks or meal here including pork. Though I have many stuffs available, I can only pick some due to some (wallet) internal problem. So I picked a bakchang which is steamed sticky rice with meat filling. The vendor I came to, have 2 kinds of bakchang, with chicken and pork. Definitely I chose pork. My friend’s friend said that usually backhang was prepared with pork+telur asin (salty egg, usually duck egg) but I think that day wasn’t my lucky day since I found none.

The taste was savoury overall. I don’t think that the sticky rice was marinated with some kind of spices since it’s quite bland. The brownish color might be from the wrapper (leaves, I forget what leaves :|). The sticky rice was seriously sticky, though. I’ve eaten bakchang once couple years ago and the taste was totally different. The pork I had inside the snack I bought during that festival was block of pork. It wasn’t sliced but more like chopped like dices. It’s mostly savory with subtle taste of saltiness as well. Probably it wasn’t marinated but just purely stir fried.  The ratio is a bit imbalance as well since the protein was pretty minimalist in amount.


After having some snack, of course I moved on to a meal. My friend’s friend which I stated earlier was opening a vendor right in front of his house. I also had my meal at his food stall and I got steamed rice. Actually it’s pretty good, I may admit. I’m not a fan in pouring soup over rice, so I kept it separated. Soup is beautiful and clear, taste slightly salty but mostly garlic-y. This steamed rice wasn’t covered in pork, but chicken instead. The rice is steamed for quite some time hence making it brown in color.

I’m not a food expert but my guess is, the rice was marinated with savory broth like mixture of garlic, green onion, shoyu, probably a little bit of soy sauce, along with the chicken and mushroom as the toppings. After it’s fully steamed, the steamed rice was topped again with sliced scallion and crispy shallots for extra crunch. The marinating broth didn’t totally reach the center of the rice but it was pretty deep, so I think the steaming process worked really well.

Aside from the food, I also enjoyed a few of the atractions like liong and this Chinese puppet show. I didn’t understand a single thing since the puppet master was telling story in Chinese, haha. Any food hunters would be really happy to walk around this alley and pleasing themselves with varieties of meals, snacks, and beverages.


(sorry, blurry picture again.. :p, I wonder what’s wrong)

In the end, being here on the Chinese festival for the first time truly amazed me since I experienced something new. The euphoria and atmosphere were pretty mesmerizing especially with some Chinese songs being played all over the place :thumbsup:
Gotta end my story here, it’s been a long post, and I’m looking for more new experience like this. So, if you have any ideas or comments, fill me in at the comment section, leave like if you enjoy reading my stories, and stay tuned for my next trips.



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Ageless Milk Bar : Gerobak Susu

This time I want to talk about a milk bar (a really traditional and simple one, really) in Yogyakarta. I won’t talk much about the food, but a little bit of story about the shop instead. It’s called Gerobak Susu (literal English translation : milk cart). This milk bar is located not far from my home and only open start from around dusk until a little bit late night. Whenever I go pass around this shop, it’s always packed with people, mostly youngsters, making it a great place for hangout.

However, milk bars are scattered around Yogyakarta nowadays, each has different and vary designs and menu. Some have exquisite and fancy design with bright light and air conditioner, and some are just really traditional, like we take a sip under a tent on the sidewalk (usually open at night). And there’s these milk bars like Gerobak Susu which draw the line in between those style. It’s like a small 1-room building for every customers, plus extra seats outdoor on the side walk with no coverage. Walls are decorated mostly with orange to raise everyone’s appetite.


Their menu are not as many as those fancy milk bars. Gerobak Susu stays with the style of traditional Indonesian milk stall that serves the likes of STMJ (milk + raw egg + honey + ginger mixture), and several other beverages like coffee and tea, also instant noodle and toast for the food. At the front, they have a traditional cart containing deep fried snacks (which are very common in Indonesia) like tofu, tempe, and others. They also have skewered items like intestines, liver, and so on.


Milk with Honey
(this is what I had that day)

Regardless of that outer appearance had not difference than plain milk, actually was in great ratio between the milk and the honey. It tasted perfect.

My father told me a little story behind that milk bar. So, since my dad was a teenager, the owner has been selling milk there (not exactly in Gerobak Susu), but still at the same street, maybe just 100 meters apart. He started as a small milk tent that only had a few spot to sit down and hangout. He did that for years and has been improving ever since. He developed larger place and started to buy that place for Gerobak Susu. My dad stated that in the beginning, the owner sold and served everything by himself and now, he has several crews to work with. I gotta give respect for the effort, though. Being consistent and knowing no give up is a key to success. The price isn’t sky high and the place is pretty great for hanging out, that’s why this place is always packed. Even when I got there that day, I had to wait several minutes to get unoccupied seat.

So that’s it, it’s just a few for the foodie, but I want to talk more into the story even it’s just a few lines. Getting new life lessons to approach our future further and smarter. Thank you for reading my story, give comments if you have ideas or opinions, leave like if you enjoy reading my experience, and see you on the next trip.


I also do some artworks (in self-practice as well, actually), if you’d like to visit, you are very welcomed to my Artstation and Patreon profile.



and also selling some original merchandise at Redbubble
*Sorry, get to promote everything, but, yeah, my effort on living my dream may be starting from the very bottom*

Thank you. :D*