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~Some people believe we only live once, so have fun while doing it.~

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Hello guys, this is the 2nd notice for my blog.

I’m going to tell you once again that my blog‘s posts/entries has been stopped because I’ve moved to a new domain. A more personal domain actually. I’m still using wordpress but am not using subdomain anymore.

So, whenever you stumbled across this blog, you can visit my new website at


Food Biter Cookie

Head there for newer blog posts of foodie and games reviews. Make sure to check in daily for routine updates.

Hereby, with this 2nd notice I ask each and everyone of you to check my new home.
Thank you!




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Goodbye, irulemylife..

It’s been a while.. I’ve already thinking about this for a little while now, and finally everything reach the final decision.

So, what really happened..?

Since few months ago, I was already planning to leave this blog, leave irulemylife. But, I was doing that to even leap further, because…



Yeah, surely I’m leaving to a new ‘home’. I’ve got a new domain to do my stuffs here. I’ve already migrated everything there, every comments, likes, status, statistics, everything. Once again, I’ve talked about this before, but thanks to everyone out there which has been visiting my blog since the very first post, I can stand still here and keep writing.

So, talking about new domain, you can visit my new website, of course. I’ll be happy if  you can pay me a visit, having chit chat and all. For that, you can go to

Then, why didn’t I choose something similar to irulemylife back again? First reason is, that same name has already been taken, so yeah, no chance. I could give a name with additional dashes or dots, but I think that would be harder to remember, harder to recognize and everything. So I choose a simpler name. That name has 3 words in it but I think it would be easier to remember.

So, why

  • FOOD, yeah because I’ll talk about food on my website, like what I was doing on my blog. So, I think that would be easy to remember due to content matching.
  • FUN, 2nd thing I’ll talk about there will be games like what I was doing here on my blog as well. I didn’t choose ‘game’ to make it easier and faster to remember after you combine the whole name together.
  • FRAME, yet, this has slightly deeper meaning. The other thing I usually talk about is fragments of  life. I associate those fragments as pictures which are great if you put it inside frames. So it’s like you’re looking at bunch of pictures of your life. Frames of life.

Haha, they might not make any sense to you, but I think that is a suitable name for my home.

Well then, everybody, I welcome you on my new site, even though it’s still under maintenance and tons of adjustments, but I’ll make it way better.

Remember 3Fs, foodfunframe(.com).



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Self Promotion : Artstation & Patreon

Hello, it’s been a while since I posted something here. I know I want to be a culinary reviewer (mostly) but, you know, sometimes life doesn’t go that smooth, so I think I need to take a slight detour.

About a year ago, along with the time I started to blog, I also started to learn digital painting. Years before, back when I was in elementary school, I just love to draw (but only replicating animes or games). You can say it’s doodling. Then moving on to junior and senior high school, I didn’t draw anymore due to some school stuffs and I have no time even at night.

After graduating SHS, I was attending univ. Unfortunately, I didn’t take design or art as the department, instead I took IT (after I consulted with my parents). Yeah, that was like the biggest mistake in my life I think. During univ time, I always took my time to doodle, at least I think I have to doodle as often as possible to bring back what’s lost long time ago. I started to practice simple drawing and design, then the story began.

Four years of univ, I completed it with no problem. The problem is afterward. Now that I don’t have any interest in IT and move towards art and design path, I need to get a job. Up until the time I’m writing this blog entry, I couldn’t find one. I think I know why and it’s obvious, I don’t have proper education. I’m only a self taught ‘artist’ and ‘designer’ (well, I don’t think I’m suitable for those titles already, but at least I’m trying to be professional). So from 2015 until now, I’ve been learning, trying, practicing from any sources I can possibly find, specially in digital painting and design.

That’s why for now, I decided to take online freelance job (starting) and post my artworks (results of practice) online. I usually drop it off at deviantArt (which I don’t really use it anymore, but some of my histories are still there), Artstation (I mainly use to promote my artworks and show them to others in hope for getting criticisms or comments, but ‘likes’ are highly appreciated as well), and Patreon. Patreon is a crowdfunding website that usually people use it to get support in form of donation by giving something in return. This is what I’m trying to do, looking for some supports. I fully understand that my skill is sooooo inferior compared to some other talented and professional artists out there, but I’m carving my way to reach there. I want to be better and survive in this industry, and hopefully in the future, I can become an aid for many people who experience something similar to my case right now.

That’s why, with this post, I am (self)promoting my 2 accounts for my results in practice. Feel free to take a look my Artstation page, give thumbs up if you like it and give comment to give constructive criticism (I know at least there is one blogger who is an artist as well). Giving my Patreon some supports would be gladly and greatly appreciated. Links are below



And here’s my sample of artwork (I know I’m still at this level, but I WILL DEFINITELY LEVEL UP!)


The Flash (my all time favorite DC superhero)

That’s for today’s post, see you on the next ones (hopefully I can get a job, have some money and do some culinary posts again).

And I’m also selling some original merchandise at Redbubble
*Sorry, get to promote everything, but, yeah, my effort on living my dream may be starting from the very bottom*


*well, this post’s a short one isn’t it..?*