My Journey Through Life..

~Some people believe we only live once, so have fun while doing it.~

About Writer

Remy Revolrac, not real name though (but concealed in it). An entertainer wannabe. Interested in digital designing & digital drawing as well. I live in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Amateur blogger and decided to start blogging because I want to share about my journey about life & local gourmet. Any possibilities in expanding to food from different countries I’ve ever visited or will visit in the future.

Partially, in this blog, are stories about games. I focused more into indie games or games from small to medium developers since giant developers (IMO) don’t need my small-scale reviews (at the moment), thus pushing more indie games to the surface is I think a great thing to do. I do love playing games, though, but here in my blog I choose more mobile games to talk about.

Last but not least.. ENJOY! 😀

Any question/comment/feedback/suggestion, please send email to : or comments in my posts.




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