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Mixed Genres Game : Reaper

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First thing first, actually I played this game about couple years ago, so I’m not recently updated if there’re new things on this game. Another thing is, since yesterday I was sick and I can barely think about content, and today is, in fact I still haven’t regained the consciousness balance in my mind. So, forgive me if some words are messed up or doesn’t even make sense, hahah..

OK, let’s talk about the game. So originally, my friend told me about this game called Reaper which was developed by Hexage. Back then, it’s a paid game. Not really, actually. You can download this game for free on Google Play but you don’t get full feature with it. There are some stuffs you can buy inside the game including the full story and/or some item sets. So, yeah if you want to have a taste on the game, you might want to try the free version first, then if you want the full version (which I’m pretty sure most of you do), support the developer by buying the in-game purchase.


Reaper is generally a mixed-genres game. It consists of 2D side-scrolling (which is so obvious) + hack and slash + RPG (espesially on character development). This game’s concept was pretty unique since that was the first time I played such game with this gameplay. I’m talking about its technical feature including controls and game mechanics.

Being a hack and slash game, you actually don’t need to tap-slam any button/screen since the game will do it automatically for you. All you need is approach enemies and the Reaper (main character) is going to attack them automatically. That’s called auto-attacks. Auto attacks resulting in gaining those skull marks at the top part of screen. That skull marks are used to unleashed strong skills like slamming down your sword for ground attack or upper-swing to attack airborne enemies. Those kind of skills are called manual attacks. You actually can unleash manual attack without having any skull marks but that will do weak damage.

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For the character developments, it’s similar to RPG games since you can customize your own set of equipment including sword, helmet, gloves, belt, and some others. These gears could be bought at item shops using golds that you gain from destroying objects or defeating enemies. Another thing is, you can customize your character’s attributes. After a level up, you can gain access to attribute enhancement by picking a tarot card per level. You can adjust this advancement with your playing style or preference. For me, it’s always power first since it’s better to defeat enemies faster :D.

Giving players responsibilities of enhancing their own hero is one secret in making immersive games, especially when it comes to simple side scrolling games since it doesn’t have a lot of feature to bear. Thus, Reaper could be a really great example in creating game mechanics. Players can adjust their own hero to create something matches their own playing style.

Anyway, I think it’s for now, pour some comments if you have any ideas, opinions or game recommendations, leave like if you enjoy reading my stories and stay tuned for my next stories and experience.


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*Sorry, get to promote everything, but, yeah, my effort on living my dream may be starting from the very bottom*

Thank you. :D*


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