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Tale of the Underrated Pupil : Owlboy

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For today, I’ll jump to another platform to talk about another game. Couple months ago I saw this game and I decided to try it. I’m quite a fan of retro-style gaming designed with 8-bit graphic style, so without further thinking, I jumped into this game.


That game was called Owlboy, and was developed by D-Pad Studio.  Owlboy is a side-scrolling 2D platformer game with an interesting plot and settings. You’ll gain control of a mute pupil owl, just an ordinary student which is always underrated by his classmates, called Otus. Being the fact that he’s a mute owl boy, he’s living with burden of being underestimated of his own and true capabilities. He lives in a airborne village and has a best friend who’s a local engineer/inventor named Geddy. Despite of being a non-confrontational manner, Geddy will always be ready to back Otus up whenever he’s in danger.


(cute design, though :D)

The journey of this couple in Owlboy starts when a group of sky pirate attacks and raids the village and the two are bound to seek revenge. Moving through the plot, you’ll gain some allies to aid you in help, as well as accessing some spaces with their special abilities. If you’re trying to complete the side stories, you’ll even go deeper with the original story of that village, or the world. You’re gonna explore the history and background of what’s left today. I recommend everyone to play this game. Cool as heck!

Since Owlboy is basically a 2D side-scrolling game, the movements are limited. You’ll only be able to move forward, backward, up, and down. However, this game combines flight system with the ordinary side-scrolling concept, thus you can go airborne and reach or explore even broader area. Owlboy‘s map is actually gigantic, therefore I can consider this game to be an open world 2D platformer. This is terrific since there’re not many games with similar concepts.

The game also provides you some puzzles to solve and sometimes they’re to reach secret area and pursue deeper stories. Some puzzles need certain and specific way to solve, including using your allies’ special abilities, thus not every puzzles can be solved before reaching some points in the story and recruit new crews. I think the only drawback is the game is too short :D. D-Pad studio, please make similar game but with waaay longer playtime :D.

Owlboy is a great game, everything is so balanced. The puzzles aren’t that hard to solve, the story line is deep and interesting, graphic style is really nostalgic (it brings me to my time when I was playing Nintendo, even Owlboy‘s graphic is more complex pixelated style). It’s unconsciously making me to go deeper and deeper by completing all the side story, but sadly I can’t get the last item from the village item shop because it needs every single coins in the game to buy. I need more game like this, simple but immersive. Anyway, follow my blog for more stories, give like if you enjoy reading my post, and pour some words in the comment section if you have recommendations, ideas, or opinions. Stay tuned for the next story.



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