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Using Your Brain to the Max Level : That Level Again (1-3)

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Playing games sometimes are not about great graphics and immersive gameplay. Another aspect you might consider to think about is how you can use your brain to solve the game. This game that I want to talk about this time is called That Level Again (3 installments at once since all of them are basically the same). The game was developed by IamTagir. Actually it could be considered a quick-to-finish game if you properly understand how to solve the puzzles (yes this is a puzzle platformer game).

Let’s start by looking at the graphic style first

That Level Again 1

The first one is the cover screen that has the style of scribble-like graphics. Gotta love the simple and minimalist style. Then the next one is the gameplay. Seriously, the gameplay mostly looks like that with only differences in puzzles and how to solve them. In the 3rd installment, the graphics is a little different. The first installment have one kind of map, and so is the 2nd one, but no the third. The third is like story-based puzzle map, so it would chance continuously.

That Level Again 2
(still with that scribble-ish style but different level map, with that additional room through that wooden door)

That Level Again 3

*P.S. : this is the 3rd installment, still with that cute style, though.

Here That Level Agian 3, you’ll be presented with the main story and ending. Everything you did starting from the first up to the third game will be answered here. These series are all free to download and play. At the third game you’ll have 2 different endings, the happy and sad one, you may choose. The happy is the default one you can get and to access the sad ending you have to donate to the developers. The number isn’t that massive but I think it’s worth the ending. It’s all about plot twist and unexpected story. When I watched the sad ending, I was like ‘What the actual hell?’ in my mind.

The game’s how to play is actually pretty simple and sometimes a little bit tricky. You have 2 button at the bottom left corner to move forward or backward and at the other end is a button to jump. The tricky part is sometimes the button will be reversed, switched, not functioning, even moved around the screen (this one was pretty annoying, though, hahahaha). The ways you solve the puzzle will be as tricky as it can be. Sometimes you have some simple puzzles, simply take the key and open the door. Another points, you even have to slide some objects that don’t seem to be movable or even going all the way to home screen to do some stuffs there to get access for the key. Bruh, at some points the puzzle are getting irritating by letting the players to think out of the boundaries but that’s the point of interest. You may need to use motion detection at some points in the game. So, yeah, prepare for anything 😀

Despite on how irritating it can be, I still love the series. That Level Again brings originality in a puzzle game, specially the problem solving. They also have high rates in Google Play and I think the developers deserve it. Many developers try to copy their style, but IMO, I still prefer to play That Level Again.

Anyway, I think that’s for now, give like if you enjoy reading my stories, pour some words in the comment section if you have ideas or opinions, and see you on the next stories (it might be about foodie again next, so stay tuned to see what I have up on my sleeves :D).


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Thank you. :D*


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