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Time is Your Only Limit : Traffic Rider

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Couple months ago I found this interesting game from Google Play. It’s basically a racing game but it’s not really. Err.. how should I say it. Time attack! Yes, time attack game. A racing game where you don’t have any other enemies but you mostly try to beat the time to succeed. The game is called Traffic Rider and is developed by Soner Kara.

This game is intriguing, IMO. Basically you take a role of a street bike rider behind the wheel and try to reach a finish point per track. Each level will have different requirement (to enter), prerequisite, and obstacles. Let’s take a look on the graphics before I talk a lot further because this game is sooooo satisfying..

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See, that graphic is so satisfying. You’ll play in first person with a vast-looking environment with pretty realistic style. The control is by tilting your phone left or right to turn your motorbike to evade any vehicles. The thing is, you can’t play it while laying down. I don’t know why but the motion control doesn’t work that way. If it’s from the game, it’s so unfortunate, but it’s just minor, no problem. (This issue has been tested with 3 different phones and was resulting in the same comebacks.). You can customize your pair of gloves with different colors by buying them in the home screen. Getting money in Traffic Rider is by playing each level. Even you no longer have mission there or didn’t reach the finish point, you can still earn some bucks.

Amount of money you gain per level is depending on your effort. To gain some extra money you need to pass over vehicles but with slight-to-collide distance, in short, almost hitting the cars. That will get you extra bucks and extra money for your journey. At some level, you will race through a double-lane street, which give you extra money as well if you place yourself on the opposite lane. The longer you do, more money you’ll get. After advancing your player to level 11 (if I recall correctly), you’ll gain ability to do wheelie. Doing this as long as possible can give you extra money and time as well.

As for the motorbike..


BAM! There! You have a lot of choices to pick but you need to work your way through. There’re lot of bikes to choose, scooter, dirt bike, sport bike, naked bike, superbike, you name it. Even there’s an unknown bike like steam-powered or something, IDK. For a starter, you’ll be given a scooter. The design of the bike in the gameplay will also change as you progress through the game and get new bikes. This makes a plus point for the game itself, cool design. You’ll race through some places like suburban, rural city, in the middle of busy street, mountain side, seaside road, and some more. You can also enjoy the ride (without any missions or time) in ‘free ride’. Here you can choose the place, time (day, night, dusk, etc.), and the crowd density, which means a possibility of no-obstacle street that let you only to enjoy the ride and view.

Overall, I love this game. You can play as many times as you like since there’s no in-game energy required to play. The graphic is what excite me most since it’s like riding a real bike on the street with real-life-like view. Even if you hit the road fence or vehicles, your POV will take you to a spin-a-whirl like you have incident for real :D. That’s dope! Anyway, if you enjoy reading my posts, give some like, and if you have ideas, opinions, or game recommendations, make sure to leave words in the comment section.



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