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Need Massive Brain Exercise? : Puzzlerama

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One of my favorite game genre of all time is puzzle. While puzzle has a lot of types, some of my preferred types are like hidden objectescape room, and some small scale puzzle. Lately, I found this game called Puzzlerama developed by Leo De Sol Games which turned out to be a mesmerizing puzzle game package and I’m still playing it up to this day during spare time.

While Puzzlerama could be downloaded for free and in full version (puzzle lovers would really love this), Leo De Sol Games offers 8 different puzzles with around 300 levels per each puzzle starting from the very simple one in the first Easy level to the most difficult one in the last of Expert level. Let’s take a look about this game’s appearance first before diving through the real features and contents..

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Here, you’ll have

  • Flow, connecting dots throughout the entire board, shouldn’t leave any blank spot of board unfillled
  • Blocks, arranging scrambled puzzle-piece blocks to fit in the board
  • Pipes, rotating pieces of pipes to create continuous line of pipes, higher level will have several colors to match the water resource and the destination, some need color-combining as well (pretty neat, huh?)
  • Bridges, one of my fave of all items, connecting each dots with a number on each dots and have to connect it with exact amount of ‘bridge(s)’ corresponding to the stated number per dots.
  • Shikaku, making shape per colors and each color has to be exactly in the amount of corresponding number, this one is a tricky puzzle
  • Unroll, swiping puzzle, need to arrange a certain path for the ball to travel from the green block to red block uninterrupted.
  • Unblock, just free the blue block by clearing a path for it to break free, doing this by swiping several brown blocks around it so it can clear the path
  • Tangram, another favorite of mine, arranging cut-to-pieces puzzle parts to fit in the entire block, the cuts are provided with weird angles sometimes

I don’t think I have any objections for this game. The fact that it provides me with different kind of puzzles in ton of stages are very satisfying. Another reason why I love this game is that Puzzlerama doesn’t come with scoring system and time rush, making it more enjoyable. You don’t need to think about getting low score or running out of time. Just take your time and solve the puzzle. It’s a magnificent work of puzzle game design. Plus, it’s like a workout regime for your brain to keep it sharp.

Actually I don’t mind reviewing higher-end games like for PC or handheld console, but I just don’t have the resources, hahahahaha. So I’ll stay at mobile game for a while instead, at least until I upgrade my resources. Anyway, if you have requests, opinions, or idea, leave your trail in the comment section, give like if you enjoy reading my story and experiences, and see you next time!



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