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Retro Endless Quest : Punch Quest

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OK, before I start to talk about this game, I try to take another topic for my blog while I’m gathering another material supplies for foodie trip. One night my friend said to me ‘Why don’t you make some reviews for games?’. Well, I think that’s a brilliant idea and I didn’t think about that before. While my supplies on foodie trip might be limited for now, but my arsenal on video games could be slightly less than a ton :D.

The fact is I’m an avid gamer since I was young. Back at that time I started with Nintendo console, about in 1996 or something. Then I move on to some consoles like PS, PS2, then PC, last is mobile. Since I have no more new consoles to play, I play more from my mobile phone.

In this series, I won’t talk about well known games like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Gears of Wars, or anything like those. Those games are famous on its own already. Meanwhile, I’ll give touch to indie games from some not-so-giant game developers. They didn’t request/ask me to review their games, this series will only depend on my own opinion and experiences.

So, I begin…… 😀

The first game for this series is called Punch Quest by Noodlecake Studios Inc.. It’s free to download from Google Play but have in-game purchase in case you want/need to do so. Images I provide would be straightly taken from Google Play and from other sources if Google Play doesn’t provide pictures.



Its main story is about a hero/heroine that storms into a catacomb full of demons, monsters, and other evil beings and defeat them continuously using his/her fists. You start as a beginner character only capable of straight-jabbing and uppercutting. While you progress through the game, you can buy some higher skills on offense and defense. It’s an endless running game, so if you’re a quickly-get- bored person like me, you won’t find it too long to play this game (apply to any endless running games no matter how cool they are). The graphic style reminds me of some retro games I played when I grew up, especially with that 8-bit pixelated style.

The control is pretty simple. Tap on right screen for jab, to kill the enemies on the ground (some enemies need multiple punches to defeat), and tap on left screen to jump. You can do double jumps by tapping the left screen twice to reach higher altitude. Jumping is needed to defeat airborne enemies. By tapping left and right quickly, you can do uppercut punch that will get higher as soon as you get the upgrades. You’re gonna face some bosses at some points in the journey, so be prepared. To get to a far distance and reach high score, you need only to focus with your eye-finger coordination.

Health is displayed on the upper left corner of the screen and when you’re out of it, you know, dead and restarting the game again but you gain some money to buy upgrades. You’re going to start fresh and stronger for the next game. Losing health by colliding with enemies and each collision cost half a heart, so be careful. One downside is, some airborne enemies are carrying fire with their feet and if you uppercut them, losing health it is. In some cases you have to evade a ground enemies only to find yourself collide with that fire, so half a heart lost by ‘forced’. Another is, it’s pretty hard to collect money to buy upgrades, IMO. You’ll need about +- 6 to 7 runs to buy a basic upgrade and it’s getting more expensive for each upgrade. But, having such simple game with simple control and ability to make the players immersed are a great thing. It’s really fun to play during spare time. It has room for improvements but overall it’s really cool and nostalgic.

It’s fun to explore and try new games in mobile since many developers are now giving a lot of game choices. So, if you have ideas for what game I should try or opinions leave comments bellow, give like if you enjoy reading my post, and see you next time. 😀



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*Sorry, get to promote everything, but, yeah, my effort on living my dream may be starting from the very bottom*

Thank you. :D*


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