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Simple, Tasty, and Legendary : Pecel Madiun

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Unfortunately, my trip to Surabaya was for a few days only and I didn’t get to try a lot of food :(. I still want to try lontong kupang which is usually sold in seashore food stall (I tried once.. ONCE! In Kenjeran beach, and I’m quite addicted to that delicious seashore dish, but it’s for next time).

Long story short, I was going back home again to Yogyakarta by train. Since I was a kid, when I’m going to Surabaya, there’s this ‘tradition’ for me (and my mom who’s usually my companion in travelling to East Java) when the train hit the stop in Madiun. Buying nasi pecel! Nasi pecel could be found in plenty of places in Yogyakarta but, again, like the problem on my last post, the taste has been fixed to the taste bud for people in Yogyakarta. It’s way sweeter here, while the original nasi pecel which is from Madiun is more salty and has strong peanut taste to it.

Anyway, this is how it looks


Nasi Pecel Madiun
(whooopss.. sorry, that was the last bite since I forgot to take a snap of it :D)

*It’s a little bit out of focus since I took a picture on the train and it’s shaky as heck*

Here’s a little description : nasi pecel is a very traditional and simple dish. It consists of rice as the main carbs, and several kinds of vegetables like water spinach (a.k.a. water morning glory), beansprouts, cabbage, cucumber, sometimes spinach, and long bean (a.k.a. Chinese long bean or yardlong bean). So healthy, eh? The protein are varied and really depend on the seller or personal preference (but a sliced-and-diced tempeh is a must), in my case, a sunny-side-up egg which was deep fried in a quite long time to create egg crisps.

The top of it is the peanut sauce. Since it’s more to the sweet side in Yogyakarta, in Madiun (or Kediri, I’ve tried nasi pecel there), it’s more to the salty and savory side. It’s quite spicy as well for me xP). The sauce was made of grounded peanut, brown sugar, and then mixed with water but only a little bit, resulting in a thick brown peanut sauce.

Since it’s for takeaway, the seller wrapped the food with banana leaves as wrapper. However, a little story, the mass transportation law (especially for trains) in Indonesia has changed a little bit after ministry reshuffle. What does it have to do with nasi pecel? *heh…* Back when I was younger, the sellers were able to hop on the train to offer nasi pecel. As time flies by, the sellers were only able to approach the trains, shouted from the outside to let the passengers aware. NOW, they aren’t allowed to do such things, therefore, no sellers available. They are replaced by a food vendor in Madiun station and to get food, you have to hop down the train, run to the vendor, and hop back in so you’re not get left behind, because the train only stopped for about 4-6 minutes. And that’s what I did to get nasi pecel. Luckily the station wasn’t crowded, so I could manage to buy it with ease, but beforehand, even before the train stopped, I already rushed 2 train cars ahead to get a head start because the CS told me that the vendor was in the middle of station and my train car was quite on the rear side.

This is my mom’s favorite dish, though, so I had to get it at all costs. 😀

So, that’s the only things that I could do during my retreat to Surabaya, I really hoped to taste more food while I was there, though, but looks like time didn’t allow me to. Probably next time, when my purpose of travelling is just for food, dish, and cuisines. 😀
Thank you for reading, leave comments if you have ideas or opinions, give like if you enjoy reading, and see you next time.


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