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Local Malaysian Cuisine : Kedai Malaysia

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Hello, I’m back with another culinary experience after a long time hiatus in culinary review due to financial problem (a.k.a money shortage).

Long story short, my friends took me to a Malaysian style restaurant one night. Actually, I’ve been here before, once, but it was before I started to blog. This place is a simply-styled restaurant. It is quite spacious actually, but the arrangement is a little bit different. Right after you come in, there will be only 2 or 3 sets of table and chairs. As you move to the rear area, going down some steps, you’ll soon find much bigger area with some tables (but no chairs! you will sit on the floor). The place is located in Jl. Selokan Mataram (actually, I don’t know the exact address, but the restaurant is known as Kedai Malaysia)

People say that the owner (as well as the head chef, probably) has been living in Malaysia for some time, so the food he cook is deeply influenced with the authentic Malaysian style and taste. That’s awesome! Having authentic taste of a far place just right in your city is always a great choice to consider as food lovers.

We only ordered 2 kinds of food. I ordered Chicken Butter Fried Rice and my friends ordered Chicken Curry. I will start to talk about the curry first. Here’s the snap picture of it :


Chicken Curry

Actually, for anyone who loves spicy (hot) food, this isn’t that spicy, but just full of spices. For me, since I have nearly zero tolerance against spicy food, this is pretty spicy for me, but I love it. Since it’s my friend’s dish, I only took a sip of the curry. It’s thick and literally full of spices. As soon as it entered my mouth, I felt a little bit of stings in my tongue but a lot stronger in my throat! The spices didn’t attack the tongue, but the throat instead. I dare to say, if I’m into spicy food, I’ll surely love the Chicken Curry. About the chicken, the meat is chopped into pieces and my friend said it’s quite tender.

Now, for mine, the Chicken Butter Fried Rice :nasgor-mentega-ayam

 Butter Chicken Fried Rice

Now, this is a magnificent recipe and execution. The fried rice is cooked without soy sauce (like how normally fried rice(s) are cooked with Indonesian style). However, the chef coated the fried rice with butter, so the taste was amazing. Buttery, but not overly oily. So, the overall taste is savory and a little bit salty. The chicken meat is right in the between of tender and chewy. It’s not exactly ‘dissolved’ in your mouth, but not very ‘rubbery’ as well. You will find chopped meatball and fish cake as well. The side dish (upper right corner of my plate) is called ‘kerupuk’. It’s a cracker that is commonly eaten with any dishes in Indonesia (maybe some other countries’ dishes as well). The platting was supposed to be neat and tidy. The rice is shaped like a giant dome (oh right, the portion is quite big for average eater like me) and you can get it with Rp 14k. It’s messy because I forgot to take a picture before I started to munch. 😀

So, it’s cool to be back talking about food again. I hope I can do it a lot often in the future. Stay tuned for the next stories of my life, give ‘like’ if you enjoy it, give comments if you have any opinion or suggestion for me.


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