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Popular, Cute, and Generous : Maki Horikita

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This post started with the fact that some years ago I found someone special. Not that kind of ‘someone special’ but it’s more like someone to idolize. Basically I love some aspects about Japan, including its entertainment industry that leads me to find some actresses appealing and charming. Well, among many actresses of Japanese entertainment industry, I found someone that I put right at the top of my ‘most favorite actress all across Japan’. This girl had starred a lot of J-dramas and movies in the past, seems like having ongoing project and would be starring many movies or dramas again in the future.

This is the one who wins my heart..

Maki Horikita ((堀北 真希 – Horiita Maki, born October 8th, 1988) *so much older than me :'(, 1 year younger than my brother, so… Maki-nee san, I guess.. HAHAHA!! Nope, nope, back to topic. Maki Horikita : young, cute, adorable, pretty, lovely, kawaii, charming, appealing, and CARING (actually many more adjectives :D). Yes, that last capitalized word is what I’m going to bring in this post.

In short, few years ago (maybe around 2011 if not mistaken), she came to Indonesia for about 2 days. She’s not coming for vacation nor drama/movie project (well, it’s kinda but more like reality show called 24 HOUR TELEVISION 34 ~ AI WA CHIKYU WO SUKUU), but (this also surprise me when I know it for the first time) she came to Jakarta, Indonesia, went to the slum area, and did some charity event there with local charity organization. Well, she’s great outside and inside, which couldn’t be better :)) She said that was her first time in Jakarta and she brought the concept of educating poor children by giving more reading materials. Books. Yes, from some sources I read, she’s a bookworm herself. She taught them how to read properly, playing basketball together, taking a part in a puppet show, having fun together, and many more. See this video for Youtube documentation, all credits for the uploader. She even tried to speak Bahasa Indonesia (“Selamat siang, nama saya Maki Horikita or Good Morning, my name is Maki Horikita or Konnichiwa, watashi no namae wa Maki Horikita desu). Oh jeez, kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii ❤ ❤ ❤ hahahaha.Well, no English sub, though, so I only get about 40% of the entire in-video conversation. 😐

Back in the slum area, there is one boy named Dedee, 10 y/o, who has dream of becoming soccer player as he said during a private chatting session with Maki. Well, Dedee eventually had photo session together with Maki as seen below

Well, meanwhile being together with Maki THAT CLOSE (^) in one frame is kinda my lifetime wish and dream, Dedee got his own frame of togetherness with Maki (well, great job, lucky boy! Hahahaha). Feel sorry for Dedee and his friends and neighborhood due to their social condition though, hope you get better and brighter future and achieve what you all are dreaming of.

Lady luck and wish-and-dream… They might work in parallel lines in mysterious way, no one knows. 🙂

Wish I get a chance to meet Maki someday and take a picture together THAT CLOSE (^) hahaha.


P.S. : *not a long post, just sudden realization after I watched that Youtube video that (my number 1 actress from Japan) Maki’s been to Indonesia before to do charity act and I just know it 4 years later :O

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*Sorry, get to promote everything, but, yeah, my effort on living my dream may be starting from the very bottom*

Thank you. :D*


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