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Deep Inside the Squared Circle : WWE

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Aside from my previous topics which is mostly about culinary, I’ll talk about something else.

Have you ever heard the biggest sport-entertainment business/company in the world, WWE? I’m not going to talk much about WWE but more about something great behind it.

Stands for (currently) World Wrestling Entertainment, is an entertainment industry that uses wrestling as its basic for their sportsmen/women. Founded in 1980 by McMahon family (Vince & Linda), now WWE becomes a successful entertainment industry, probably biggest in the world. Formerly named World Wrestling Federation (WWF), this company has created a lot of superstars, some famous names are Hulk Hogan, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Big Show, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque (currently working as WWE‘s creative), The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, and so on.

Yes, I love WWE, but when I was younger (elementary and early junior high times) my parents forbade me to watch the show which was aired in my country, but I still play the games, though (PS1’s Smackdown! and Smackdown!2).

Some people become great fans but some people say WWE is fake. Well, from what I’ve watched since the first time till today, I’ve to say, WWE isn’t fake, but is scripted. That’s why they never call their sportsmen/women as ‘wrestler’ but as ‘superstar/diva’ Yes, they (the WWE superstars & divas) got smacked real hard with kendo sticks (info about it) or chairs or ladders or whatever they used in the bouts, thrown from the ladder to the ring or mat outside the ring, slammed through tables, stretched when doing submission, and such. Yes, they do all that for real, no fake. BUT, those are their job. They’re trained that way, trained to get smacked, whacked, slammed, and such. They’re trained how to perform the grapple tricks properly, how to ‘hit’ the opponent, how to properly fall down, etc etc. They properly slammed their in-ring-opponent so they reduce the risk as minimum as possible. But, accidents do happen even with the best precautions. That’s why sometimes accidents like broken bone, dislocations, (massive) bleeding, occur in the event. But all I can conclude, the bouts are scripted. Means, they do all the acts in and around the ring was greatly choreographed as the way they’re trained. They entertain the audiences (the WWE Universe), they’re performers! Great performers.

WWE superstars and divas aren’t classified into certain size and physical types. There’re ‘giant’ type like The Great Khali (more info) or Big Show (more info), the muscular ones like John Cena (more info) or Batista (more info), and so on. Even so, they’re equally superstars and divas. But my favorite WWE superstar and diva is..

Rey Mysterio (Jr) – more info


AJ Lee – more info

Both are considered small (in size) compared to the others (for each division), and both have great maneuverability and wrestling technique. Well, er… she’s cute, though 😀

However, there’s one other thing. The WWE company is not only about in ring sport entertainment, but also off ring social charity events. This company has done a lot of social events such as Make a Wish (where some superstars/divas will visit and meet one child per event for personal activities), visiting US troops, conducting anti bullying campaign to children, meet and greet on some events, supporting anti cancer campaign, sometimes even allowing people to experience the moment of WWE daily routine in backstage or superstars/divas training, and many many more. You can visit for the track records, it’s so amazing.

This one is my favorite. So, there’s a child named Connor Michalek, who was fighting cancer, was… (RIP Connor 😥 ). The company’s executives granted him special wishes, to meet every single active superstars on ring, ringside, and an event. He was even allowed to KO’d and pinned Triple H on the ring. :). Here’s the documentation :

Oh, well, I’ve never been to US or watch any WWE match live but I support them from here, where I live, where I watch them performing the best of their efforts, and I wish someday I can watch it live, or even allowed to meet every superstars by person :D. I wish…

Cheers! 😀


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