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When Off Limit is Just a ‘Sign’ : Limit Break

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Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Limit Break‘?

Gamers (esp. Final Fantasy series lover) must have heard that phrase before hahaha.

But you know what? There’s something behind the phrase Limit Break. Something deep even some people may realize that already.

That’s Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy 8’s main protagonist), preparing his Limit Break and might end with him executing his mightiest skill. FYI, the number indicates the characters’ Hit Point, or simply their life point. (reach 0 -> death, and will decrease with their enemies’ attack in) Now, what does that yellowish indicator at Squall’s HP (Hit Point) mean? That means, he’s in a critical condition, near death (about 20 – 25% of his maximum HP).

Now, you might get the point that I’m about to share. Yep, Limit Break means breaking our limit, ‘breaking’ our capability further, and pushing our boundaries further. But to bring your life to the edge of the limit, it’s not an easy way. It might be filled with tears, sweat, and blood. It can be triggered by some events (problems) of your environment, some events that make you wanna give up, you wanna throw anything away just to be free. At that point, we may reach our limit, the moment that we realize, we cannot do more to beat those problems. Sometime, you wanna give up don’t you? 😀

But, no! That’s not breaking our limit, that’s just running away from the problems.

You know what? Breaking our limit will brings us to the phase that we don’t even realize it exists all that time, just because we stand and stay inside our own boundaries. For example, that Limit Break option won’t appear when Squall’s HP is above 25% (white colored). The player play it safe, thus they don’t have chance to make the Limit Break appear. That goes with our life as well, we play it safe, we cannot push our boundaries further.

Now let’s see, what’s Squall’s mightiest skill is

It’s called Lion Heart. Squall will slice-n-dice-ing his enemy with super massive damage.

See? In the time of despair, we can give it all out of our might, leading with some super cool results that we can’t/don’t even imagine that thing will go that way! 😀 Pushing our limit further won’t hurt you, the process & progress do. But remember, even you want to push further, remember and calculate any incapabilities in you. If you are incapable of something, better to take detour and push another limit further (my opinion & suggestion hehe :D).

‘Off limit’ is just a ‘sign’ in this case, a sign to break it..

Limit Breaking may be feels like hell fire, freezing ice, crawling cyclone, or Thor’s thunderbolt, but if you make it to the next phase or level of yourself, YOU’LL KNOW IT’S WORTH IT..

Cheers! 😀

*P.S. : I’m not a motivator or is motivating, but this thought just pop up some times ago 😀 😀 *


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