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Across the Border : Neighbour’s Cuisine (Part 7)

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Finally, we come to the last part of my trip in Singapore. Since this is the last and the climax at the same time, I’m gonna present about my most expensive dish I’ve ever had there :D.


One evening, we (my bro & I) were confused about deciding our dinner. Maybe, we could buy dinner, a quiet expensive one was OK once in a while. Besides, I’ve never tried European food before. So, looking some info on the internet, then calculating the price and place, we decided to go to JP (Jurong Point, quite close from the apartment) to buy our dinner. The restaurant we’re about to visit was called ‘Ambush‘. At first thought, I didn’t know why it’s called Ambush, such an uncommon name for a restaurant. When we reached JP, we got the idea already, why it’s called Ambush. Our assumption. by looking at the location of the restaurant, it’s in the middle of the main alley in 1st floor (ambush (English dictionary) : ‘an act or instance of lying concealed so as to attack by surprise’ , here for website I used as reference). That’s why they gave ‘Ambush‘ as their restaurant’s name, they made an encounter with customer in a place that they don’t really expect, LOL.

Designed as an elegant restaurant, even it’s in the middle of the alley, they gave the best service to their customers. It’s similar to a high class hotels’ restaurants. The menu books were designed elegantly, the interior was absolutely amazing, and the waiters gave the astonishing services. With no doubt, the cuisines were expensive enough, especially for me. We ordered 2 differents dishes, mine was Grilled Salmon with Sesame Crisps and my brother’s was Octoberfest Meal.

This was what my dish look like :

Ambush - Grilled Salmon Sesami Crisp

The salmons slices was covered by both yellow and black sesame seeds. Maybe the cooks used blowtorch after grilling process, hence there were black sesame seeds there, but I wonder :-?. Or it’s just the seeds that originally black hahaha. Anyway, the grilled salmons were great, fresh, and amazingly delicious. It’s cooked at perfect tenderness, crispy outside-juicy inside combination. The side dishes were salad with black sauce and yellow rice mixed with chopped grapes. So… that was European dish, no expectation. The black sauce was a mystery ’til now. Maybe it’s a mixture of wine and some kind of signature sauce common in European style dishes. The rice anyway, was good when combined with grapes. It’s savory and sour and a little bit sweet flavor that the rice had. The bebverag I had was a combination of mango syrup and soda (forget the actual beverage’s name).

Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, my brother ordered Octoberfest Meal set (hope I don’t write it wrong :|). This is the picture of it :

Ambush - October Fest

By the look of it, it was a heavy meal. A big portion of meal. The dish consisted of 2 pieces of sausages (probably pork), mashed potato, and fried duck skin. From the picture, maybe you can tell which one was what, but the far left corner was mashed potato, with salad (same as mine), far right was the sausages, and between them all was the duck skin. Now 1 by 1. The mashed potato was delicious. We had a salt and pepper-seasoned mashed potato. The flavor was quite balance between the potato and the seasoning. The sausages was unexpectedly big for each piece. It’s dense and thick, even not too long. It’s like you give full volume for that size of sausage. The taste was savory, though. Being well seasoned, the sausage had a bit salty taste in it and the texture was chewy, but not too hard. The special one was the duck skin. It’s was fried to a perfect and amazing crispy level. The flavor was salty, not too salty but perfect salty. The chef really gave a perfect amount of seasoning for that. Even after you swallow, you can still a bit of saltiness inside your mouth.

Ambush! Yeah, that restaurant gave me an ambush with unexpected place and taste. It’s incredibly recommended. But, that’s a fine dining restaurant, so make sure to bring enough cash or have enough credit in your card. Quite expensive it was, but really worth it (my personal opinion).

Phew! This is the end of my vacation & food hunting journey in Singapore, back to the local cuisine again I guess? Hahaha. Stay tuned and cheers!


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