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Across the Border : Neighbour’s Cuisine (Part 6)

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Well, part 6 it is. Next part will be the climax and the last at the same time. And I’ll switch to any local cuisines from Indonesia, especially my town, Jogja. 😀


This time I’m gonna talk about a food court near my brother’s apartment. It’s still in Jurong East St. 92 and it took about 5-10 minutes by foot from the apartment. BTW, the reason I visited this is because my brother said that the pork chop was delicious. Agreed then! About my 3rd or 4th night I decided to get my dinner there. The place was really close to a crossroad, even you can see the crossroad from a certain spot in that food court.

Anyway, we paid a visit to a vendor there that sell Western Food. That vendor offered a unique way of ordering our food. You could order our main course and it’ll come with 2 side dish that you can choose. As long as I can remember the side dishes were including potato (mashed, wedges and fried), salad (egg salad, coleslaw, etc), etc. Since there wasn’t any western food vendor I’ve ever visited in my city but some fast food restaurant, so I just pick my 2 dishes randomly. Not knowing what I was going to order, I just simply went for the french fries and egg salad, but the clerk misheard it and gave me french fries and coleslaw instead. I didn’t even know the word ‘coleslaw’ before since it wasn’t so popular in my city. My brother ordered grilled fish with mashed potato and coleslaw. Of course I chose pork chop as my main course since that was the reason for me being there hahaha. Anyway, this is my dish :

Food Court - Pork Chop

Holy Crab……… Just by looking at the picture, it makes me hungry in an instant.. 😐

Yeah, that was my dish, a pair of pork chop, grilled and covered in BBQ sauce. The pork was cooked perfectly, it sure didn’t have degree as in cooking steak so, it’s like ‘well done’ in steak term. The a-bit-chewy sensation and the a-bit-salty flavor of the pork made it a good combination. Plus, I’ve got the BBQ sauce on top of each pork chops, it enhanced the salty flavor and gave a new savory flavor. Yet, the sauce was a little bit acidic. I got 2 medium sized and quite thick porks. The french fries had original flavor, maybe just a little bit of salt as a flavor boost but it barely made it salty. The coleslaw (mixed vegetables salad) was served cold, so be careful if you have troublesome sensitive teeth since you got cold coleslaw and hot french fries.

At the same time, my brother ordered Grilled Fish with mashed potato and coleslaw. Here is the dish :

Food Court - Grilled Fish

Of course the coleslaw tasted the same and I only tasted the grilled fish. It’s barely seasoned, maybe just a bit of salt-pepper but really, it gave me almost no difference than just a plain fish fillet. However, the fish was delicious. They even gave 2 slices of lime for the dish, in case you didn’t like the fishy smell, and to give acidic taste in the dish.

Now, the night before I flew back to Indonesia, I decided to try western food menu again. Cannot forgetting that vendor’s cuisine, I went back there, around 9PM of my last night there. This time I ordered Lamb Chop. The price is unexpectedly more expensive. It’s almost double the pork chopPork chop was SGD 7 and Lamb Chop was SGD 13. Here’s the dish I ordered :

Food Court - Lamb Chop

Sorry for the quality, it was night and my cellphone doesn’t have a good feature when it comes about taking a picture. So, that time, I ordered Lamb Chop with Egg Salad and Mashed Potato. I’ll start with the side dishes first. The egg salad was served cold. It’s consisted of chopped boiled egg with mayonnaise. The mayo wasn’t sour, but rather sweet instead, and the combination was stunning. Then, the mashed potato. It’s served hot, not blazing hot, but only average hot. You got BBQ sauce on the top of it, just like the lamb chops. They mashed the potato until its amazing state, so soft and creamy in texture. But, since the beginning, I wasn’t a fan of mashed potato (I was just trying to taste :D), so I’m not really into this mashed. The taste was bland, barely had any taste but the potato’s flavor itself. Even though the mashed potato is healthier, but I’d prefer the fries instead. Then, the lamb chops. Compared to the pork chops before, the texture here was more chewy. Maybe it’s like comparing chicken and beef, but not really, :|. Anyway, the taste was more savory than the pork, and I also got 2 pieces full covered by the BBQ sauce. I think that time, the cook grilled it a bit longer than it’s supposed to be, so there were some black crisps on some spots of the lamb, but overall, I loved it.

Sometimes, a food stall also has delicious food and with good quality. Need to explore more to discover the truth LOL. Next will be my last about my food hunt in Singapore (in that vacation) and also the climax at the same time. Stay tuned.



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