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Across the Border : Neighbour’s Cuisine (Part 5)

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Phew! Part 5. When I started to write, I didn’t imagine that I’ll make this continuous stories hahaha.

Here goes!

As a foreigner in someone’s country, financial budget is a thing that you should mind almost every time you wanna spend. So, when I decided to choose my meal, sometimes I choose the simple ones (simple in budget, meaning relatively cheap LOL). One afternoon, Sunday, after I was wandering around in the city, my lunchtime came. With only a little amount of money in my wallet, I decided to go home and bought something from a local grocery near my brother’s apartment. You don’t always buy a fancy and luxury meal every time even you’re in a vacation, though hahaha.

BTW, there’s a local grocery at the ground level of my brother’s last apartment (before he moved to a new one, near the previous one). This grocery was owned by an Indian family, usually the man and his wife were at the grocery. It looks like everything is sold there, from food, drinks, until daily household needs. That Sunday afternoon, I bought a box of noodle (we can call it Red Noodle, because it’s seasoned and literally reddish orange in color) and a plastic of Curry Puff (small size of 3 pieces). Here is the picture :

Package - Lunch

That’s the Red Noodle. It’s blazing spicy 😐 , I didn’t know that it would be that spicy. Unfortunately I bought a cold A&W Rootbeer before I ate that Red Noodle, or else… Anyway, the one in red plastic bag was the Curry Puff, unfortunately the picture isn’t clear enough to show it. But later, I’ll show the picture of a single Curry Puff. The Red Noodle was incredibly spicy with savory flavor. There’s also small slices of eggs and cabbage in it. In total, the price is about SGD 2.

Right the next morning, I also decided to buy a set of economical breakfast. Also from the same local grocery. This time I bought Nasi Lemak, and, of course, a plastic bag of Curry Puff, again! LOL. But this time I bought the small size of 2 pieces). First bite of this big Curry Puff and I already taste the difference. The big ones were more spicy (actually, the small ones weren’t spicy at all, hence I love the small ones :D). Anyway, both were delicious. This is what a Curry Puff (half bitten) looks like :

Curry Puff

Yeah! Yeah! That was the Curry Puff, my favorite quite-cheap snack in Singapore, till now :D. The filling was potato curry with some chopped and minced vegetable, like carrots and onions. The shell (wrapper) was a baked pastry (in my country we have similar dish called ‘Pastel‘, only different filling). The wrapper wasn’t so hard to bite and not too thick. The filling had strong curry flavor in it. And my main breakfast dish was Nasi Lemak, here is the picture :

Package - Nasi Lemak

For a massive eater, Nasi Lemak will be a snack due to its small portion. Yeah, that was the whole set. A bit of rice, a small fried fish, a small slice of fried egg and chili paste. Despite its portion, the taste is very delicious. The rice wasn’t common white rice. It was savory. The fried fish was not too salty and not too savory, just right in the middle. Now, the special one was the chili paste (or in my county we call it ‘sambal‘). Even though I don’t like spicy food, this chili paste was an exception. I ate it all haha. The flavor was sweet, a liiiiitle bit savory and the spicy flavor itself. Yeah… yeah… That was the only kind of chili paste I ever loved :D. I was about 60 – 70% full with this package, but for some massive eaters, they’ll need 2 or 3 Nasi Lemaks for their full tank of energy :D.

Now, even you’re in a vacation abroad, it’s not all about fancy meals or luxury dishes. A simple, economical meal from street vendor or local grocery is a choice sometime (especially when you’re low in budget). Don’t be shy to buy it as a foreigner especially when you’re a food hunter, you need to “TASTE ‘EM ALL” (Pokemon pun intended LOL).

Stay tuned for the next part, the climax will be coming soon.. Cheers!


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