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Across the Border : Neighbour’s Cuisine (Part 4)

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So, rain comes at this moment, drives my laziness deeper into my head, so I’ll just stay at home and make this 4th part.

Here goes!


Despite being a culinary hunter, settling in a restaurant is not the only option. Sometimes going with street food or take-away food is a choice as well. I’ve tried a few kinds of street food here in Singapore while I’m wandering around the city. Usually I just pass by and if I see an interesting food counter, I’ll just try the cuisine haha.

After I had breakfast (part 3), I wandered alone in the city like a village boy lost in a metropolitan city LOL. After wandered here and there, I went to Jurong East to get some lunch. Went out from the MRT, out the MRT station and I walked around until I reached a bus terminal. Yep, there’re lot of choices of food there. A lot of food stall along the side of bus terminal. I walked around, looking everything (actually while counting my money haha!) until I came to a Bakpao (steamed white stuffed bun) stall. Well, it’s not that expensive (SGD 1.2), that’s why I chose that as my lunch.

There’re some options there, like Bakpao (Pork) with Minced Green BeansBakpao (Pork) with Spring Onions, etc etc. The price was actually vary but it’s not that expensive (in average). I chose a simple menu, the Pork with Spring Onions (also called ‘spring onion’ as ‘scallion’ for some people). It was a taken away food so I ate it when I got home. Here’s what I bought that day :

Pau - Pork Spring Onion

What a beauty! This Pork with Spring Onions was cooked beautifully. The softness of the white bun was just perfect, not too dense, not too soft. The bun was thick, indeed, but the filling was worth the thickness of the bun, it means, even if you bite it full bite, you still can taste both the pork + spring onions + the bun. It’s served hot, fresh from the steamer, even when I ate it at home (approx. 10 to 15 minutes from Jurong East to home by MRT) it was still hot (not burning hot but more than warm). The pork itself was savory, really savory and every bites worth the flavor. Combined with spring onions and a souce made of spices (maybe like pepper, a bit ginger(?, because I think I tasted ginger)), the filling was rich in flavor. What’s so special about this street food was the size. Belive me, the size (diameter) of the bun was about my palm span, so, I ate that in 3 sessions. I can’t finish it in a time. I need about 30 minutes break per session LOL! (I don’t usually eat that much, only small to medium portions).

At night, I also asked my brother to buy me a sandwich (more take-away food). He bought me a sandwich from Subway. Since I wasn’t there to see the menu, I don’t know what other food was served by Subwayand since I wasn’t there when ordering, I can’t say what’s in my dish, I can only decide by tasting, so it might losing some ingredients. My brother bought me a Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. Here’s the picture of it :

Subway - Chicken Teriyaki

That was my half-eaten Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich hahaha. Well, I didn’t open the sandwich apart just to see the inside, so I just munched that and try to taste everything. Yes, that was a big size (compared to my usual portion of food). Probably, about 20-25 cm long. Well I tasted the soft long bun with sesame on it, then some fresh vegetable (cucumber slices, tomato slices, some pieces of lettuce). The main filling, Chicken Teriyaki, was about in the middle of the sandwich. The teriyaki sauce was sweet and sour at the same time but the sourness wasn’t overpowering (a bit sour). The sauce itself was combined with mayonaise so it’s double flavored sauce, yet each sauces still remain in flavor. At the other end of the sandwich, I tasted something soft and chewy. I thought that might be mushroom but until now, I’m still not sure. I didn’t open the sandwich either to see what that was. So, yeah, I’ll assume that was mushroom :D.

Big portion dishes weren’t my only choices, sometimes small chunk of ice cream was great when I took a walk around. Back in my first day and 3rd day, I visited Orchard Road, where a big, luxury shopping malls were there. Right in front of the mall (on a wide sidewalk, oh I don’t really know which side that was, buat when I went out from the MRT station which is inside a mall, and you go out from that mall, you’ll see a wide sidewalk), there’re lot of ice cream seller. In Singapore they call it Es Krim Potong (literally in English maybe sliced ice cream or something like that). They didn’t call that with no reason. If you order one, you’ll know why. The seller will bring a big chunk of ice cream and slice it to a smaller size and give it to you. It come with 2 options, with or without bread. If you order it without a bread, you’ll get a plastic cup as a container, but if you choose with a bread, the seller will give a slice of bread and wrap it around your ice cream. The ice cream was dense and solid, so it won’t melt quickly. Here’s a picture of it :

Es Potong - 1

The bread made a good compliment with the ice cream. In a hot day, this can be a great choice. The ice cream itself came in some flavors, like durian (that I bought), green tea and peppermint, choco chips, there’s a purple one but I forget the name (maybe ‘talas’ or sweet potato :D), etc. With only SGD 1.2, you can get this chunk of es krim potong. If you’re curious about the vendor, here is the seller where I bought this ice cream from :

Es Potong - Penjual

NO!, that’s not the seller, that was a buyer! LOL. The man in front of the buyer was the seller. You can see his hair if you look closely. Yep, it’s not a store or mini market, he’s just a middle aged man with motorcycle and his working tools (big umbrella, the ice cream box, menu list, etc).

Well, that’s about some street food in Singapore, I wonder if I can find it more in other areas, maybe the unique ones. :9

Still, stay tuned for the next part, I still have some more in my pocket! 😀


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