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Across the Border : Neighbour’s Cuisine (Part 3)

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Here comes the 3rd part of my food journey. I think this won’t be a long one since I’ll only talk about common food that I had for breakfast in my 2nd day there.

So, the next morning, my decided to take me to NTU again to get some breakfast. He had something to do there, so I’ll just tag along and go to the city after breakfast. It’s not really crowded in NTU in the morning and a lot of canteen clerk also had opened their food counter (like Western, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese food, etc). Being confuse in choosing, I chose a simple Western breakfast.

The one I chose is a Fried Egg Breakfast Set that costed me SGD 2.5. This set consisted of 2 sunny side eggs, 1 sausage (chicken sausage probably), 2 pieces of bread, a piece of leaf as a salad (I don’t know what kind of leaf that was but it’s cold fresh), and a small chunk of butter. Here is the picture of what I ate that day :

Breakfast - Fried Egg Set

Yeah, that’s the dish. Maybe standard breakfast set of Western food. At that time I ate it one food by one food and I wasn’t combining them together (might be the wrong way LOL) but by that way, I could taste everything more detailed. The butter was so creamy and milky. It had strong taste of the milk and it’s not so dense. The sliced bread had standard taste but a bit crunchy (not too soft). The sausage was savory but the taste was mild. What I thought a bit special was the eggs. The eggs, actually, were soft sunny side eggs. They’re made thick and round with perfect soft yolk on it. When you sliced through the yolk, it’ll drip down the egg, BUT, it’s not that watery (uh! my most preferred state of yolk hahaha). Not only that, instead of dense and thick, the egg white itself was soft fried, so it’s still juicy inside (maybe in steak we can say it’s medium rare). *at home I learn how to make that kind of sunny side eggs, but still no satisfying result, sigh..*. Anyway, with SGD 2.5, I can get almost full energy to do my day, though.


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