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Across the Border : Neighbour’s Cuisine (Part 2)

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Booya! Second part is coming, hahaha. Now it’s going to be about my dinner. My brother took me to his campus, NTU and we decided to buy our dinner there. I asked him to take me to a vegetarian restaurant, so we headed to NTU’s canteen. Maybe NTU has some food courts but the one that I visited was the inner one. There’s an Indian vegetarian food counter there, as far as I remember it’s called Komala or something like that (forgive if I’m wrong). Just remember, this is a vegetarian food counter, don’t expect to have any meat here :D.

Having no idea about Indian food, I chose my meal randomly. I only know curry and prata BTW, so I didn’t choose that as my meal. It ended up for me being choosing an Uthappam. It has some choices of topping like tomato, cheese, etc (I chose cheese, no pun intended, LOL). For the physical presentation, you can see my picture below :

Indian - Cheese Utthapam

Uthappam is a thick, round Indian pancake, made of rice and some Indian spices, causing the Uthappam tastes sour-salty-savory combined (I’m not a food expert, just a food hunter-taster, hahahaha). The sourness maybe from a fermented something that was added as ingredient. The texture of the Uthappam was medium (not too smooth and not too rough). No, I’ve never tried this kind of flavor before. That round pancake was my Cheese Uthappam (my brother took the picture for me). The whitish thing on the top is the melted cheese. Looks like it’s baked. The cheese really complemented the Uthappam well. Just imagine it, sour savory plus melted cheese, but my suggestion, if you are the type who can’t eat a lot in one time, you might wanna share it with others. The angle of that picture doesn’t really show the size, huh? But believe me, its diameter was even bigger than my maximum-opened palm (span from thumb to pinky is about 24-25 cm). In my opinion, a bit sweetness (like tomato topping) will do good and give more flavors and sensations. Next time I’ll try the Tomato Uthappam.

When you bought it, the Cheese Uthappam came with 4 different dipping sauces and every single one was spicy (my tolerance for spicy flavor is very very low, bottom low :D). The sauces were not thick like a ketchup, but more like liquid sauces. The bigger round container was a chili sauce (salty, spicy). Then, there’s a container with 3 compartment (these 3 were less spicy than the other one), the light brown one was a mashed peanut sauce (in my country, this kind of sauce is sweet, but what I got was savory and a bit salty), the white one was coconut sauce (this one was full savory, so for the ones who like a not-so-strong-flavored sauce, this might be the choice), last but not least, the dark brown one was a *mystery* sauce (a bit bitter and full taste of spice). Yep, up ’till now, I still haven’t figured that out. It had a strange taste, I’ve never tried that before in my life. But, no offense, that one wasn’t my favorite at all.

Now, moving to the next dish, my brother’s Masala Bread (both my brother and I forget the name of the actual dish, but let’s just say it’s Curry Masala because the filling was a kind of curry). This is the picture of the dish :

Indian - Masala

Again, about the size, this one is slightly bigger than mine. In the name of Holy Food! Two dishes that we ordered came in extraordinarily large size :O. But, sometimes it’s more satisfying isn’t it? Hahaha. We got the same dipping sauces, maybe those are the signature dipping sauces. This Curry Masala had different texture than my Uthappam. The Masala was more like a crepe but a bit thicker (or nearly like spring rolls’ wrapper). The edge of the Masala was thinner than the middle one, but you can still easily crack and chew it. Even though it was thicker than crepes, you can still say it was crispy. The flavor of the Masala was mainly savory and a little bit salty.

Being different than my Cheese Uthappam, this Masala had filling, Curry. This Curry was made of potatoes (mostly), and (I thought I tasted minced scallion or some kind of minced vegetables). But, what made it so strongly flavored was the chili paste. Wow! The chili paste was quite spicy. In scale of ten, it might be 6 or 6.5. Quick enough to make me felling hot and sweating. The filling was bright red in color, with roughly mashed potatoes and minced vegetables (not really sure what those were, it was well mixed). The flavor was good actually and I like it (will like it more if it’s not spicy AT ALL, hahahaha). I basically love food with strong flavor instead of the light ones (but still, if possible, no chili used  LOL).

Aside from the food, my brother also ordered a tea, Masala Tea. That makes me wonder, what does ‘Masala’ means? Anyway, the tea is a bit unique than any other tea that I’ve tasted before. The Masala Tea tasted like a milk tea but I’m not sure if it was, since that was a vegetarian food counter, and I’m pretty sure that milk won’t be considered vegetarian ingredient 😕 Aside from the *mysterious* milk, I also tasted some spices as the ingredients of the Masala Tea, maybe some things like ginger or so. That made the flavor ‘biting’ the tongue with its sensations, a little bit spice spicy. Best for rainy or cold days with hot serving :9. The tea was good, but it’s not really sweet, maybe no sugar added or very little amount of sugar was added. Below is the picture of Masala Tea :

Indian - Masala Tea

Indian food, the taste that I’ve never tasted before. New sensation, new experience, new taste for my tongue. I think it’s better to taste something new.

Stay tuned for next partS.. 😀

P.S. : I still wonder what the mysterious dipping sauce was. Maybe if one of you happened to read this post and know what that is, you can enlighten me with the answer 😀 Also, this is based on my personal opinion, mistakes might be there, so corrections are always welcomed. Cheers!


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