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Across the Border : Neighbour’s Cuisine (part 1)

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So, since this is going to be about foreign cuisines, maybe English will do good, haha. This is my first entry using English, though, wish me luck and hope there’re no mistakes since English isn’t my mother tongue. *WARNING : PORK DETECTED!* So, some times ago, I was visiting Singapore (SG). My secondary mission is for the cuisines, and my primary is visiting my big bro there. Since my big bro was busy when I stayed there for some days, so sometimes I need to go alone. In a foreign country, I knew only a little bit about this country and how to interact with the environment there. Actually, this post is not about how I enjoyed my days there (well, maybe not now, but I think that’s a good idea to make a post about that), it’ll be about how I enjoyed my MEALS there 😀 So when I stepped at the Changi Airport, my bro picked me up at the entrance and took me to my first destination as a cuisine seeker. So, this restaurant is in a different terminal than the arrival terminal, so you’ll need to ride e LRT to move to the other terminal (arrival is in Terminal 1 and the restaurant is in Terminal 3 [or vice versa, I don’t really remember about that]). The restaurant we’re about to visit is a ramen restaurant called Ramen ChampionSo, the basic concept about this Ramen Champion is a food court but it’s all about ramen. So they offer only ramen with every unique variants of each of their signature cooking style. We chose 1 menu each, and my choice was Nitamago Ramen. This menu has 2 types of soup that you can choose : Shoyu (Japanese salty soy sauce) or Miso (Japanese soup that is made by fermenting soybean with salt & fungus). Curious about the saltier one, I chose shoyu soup. I’ve got a picture of what I ate that day : Ramen - Nitamago Shoyu That was my bowl of Nitamago Ramen. This ramen came with a pair of half-cut soft-boiled egg, some portions of boneless grilled pork, bunch of beansprouts (seriously, those beansprouts are piling up high, haha), a set of chopsticks and a spoon (of course). The noodle itself was boiled not too overcook so it still has its elasticity. The beansprouts were served fresh and tasted good. The grilled pork was so tender, deliciously savory it came in 4 or 5 medium-sized sliced pieces. I think the pork is my favorite part of the dish. Also, you’ll get half-cut soft boiled egg. For the one who love ‘juicy but not too raw’ yolk, you’re gonna love this. I love it, the flavor of the half boiled yolk. Even the egg white was not so hard & dense. It had the similar density of a Japanese tofu. Finally, the soup. Shoyu really add the salty and savory taste on that soup. The pair of the soup and pork was really great. The shoyu add a strong flavor to the entire dish. FYI, when I first arrived, I was starving, now after I ate the ramen, it’s like I can’t drink a glass of 300mL water anymore. I was at maximum capacity of my stomach. But maybe some people can get 2 bowls of this :D. Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, my brother got his Hokkaido Tonkatsu (or something sounds like that, I lost my note that I brought for culinary purposes *doh*). Anyway, that menu has no options for the soup like mine. This is the picture of his ramen Ramen - Hokkaido Tonkatsu It had 1 similar ingredients as mine (soft-boiled egg). The entire dish looks so different than mine and it had more ingredients. Sadly I didn’t taste much, only the miso soup :(. Anyway this dish had sheared corn kernels, (I think it’s) mushroom, minced scallion, chili paste (or in my country we call it ‘sambal’), and of course the pork. Once again, I didn’t taste the food, but it looks appetizing, isn’t it? Hahaha. All I know is that the pork wasn’t grilled like mine, but maybe just steamed, but I bet that was juicy as well :9. Also, the way of ordering here is unique (and cool! We don’t have something like this back in my country, well, I don’t know about some big modern cities, but as far as I go to a food court, there’s nothing like this). Look at the first picture, when we first entered the food court, the (looks like) manager gave us a bead bracelet (near my bowl) for each of us. Those were not only for accessories, but we used them to order. When we decided what we’re gonna buy, we gave the bracelets to the clerk, they scanned them and sent the data to the main cashier, so in the end what we ordered was on the computer already. After they scanned it, they gave a ‘some kind of round machine disc’ with a number (maybe the order number) and some lights, and a beeping sound mechanism. When the food has been cooked and ready to be served, the disc was beeping (maybe the clerk pushed a button or something) and we need to take our dish in the counter, and gave back the disc to the clerk. Well, I’m amazed LOL, and that’s new for me. Well, this is one of my hunting process, still have some more, but not now. I’ll split the each post with each type of food, and this post is about ‘Ramen’. Stay tuned for the next part….s. 🙂


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