My Journey Through Life..

~Some people believe we only live once, so have fun while doing it.~

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New Journey Has Begun..

From this point, the journey (of this blog) has begun. It’ll (mainly) be about my life and/or my food journey. Any topic aside from those 2 is an urgent topic or when I have something in mind and it’s just random thought.

Now, why life & food?

  • Life. Because I think life is an art and lesson at once. You can learn about life lesson from others’. The sweet & bitter life of someone, the sad & happy life, and so on.
  • Food. As one of primary needs, food can be vary and artistic. This concealed art inside our daily food is way too interesting to be talked about. Any aspects of art can be revealed from just a simple dish.

I’ll use both Bahasa Indonesia & English as my primary languages and some others as minor ones. At the end (of the first post), I’ve got to say : Enjoy! đŸ˜€



* English is not my mother tongue, so feel free to correct if I make mistakes in grammars, vocabs or anything

* Feel free to comment, any praises, mocks, insults (in a positive ways to make my posts better) are always welcome